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  • My First America Class

    really excited for this semesta and my travels and adventas here.” “I really like the way you says hemisphere like hemisfea,” I interrupt, awkwardly trying to imitate her accent. “Thank you, everyone enjoys a foreign accent. It’s funny because back in Auckland, I never considered myself to be a New Zealanda, you know what I mean. I always identified myself as Scottish because both of my parents are from Scotland. But hea, everyone refers to me as that girl from New Zealand. It’s strange how you…

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  • The Importance Of User Interfaces

    Auckland Transport Mobile Application Mobile applications are the wonder that is expanding quickly because of the pervasiveness and fame of cell phones among end-users (Hammershoj et al., 2010). There are many useful mobile applications that power business…

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  • How Does Religion Affect An Individual's Identity?

    introduced. Many New Zealanders thought the supposed ‘free trade agreement’ was not in the best interests of our nation and political protests occurred around the country (notably was on February 4th when key minsters from around the Pacific Rim met in Auckland and thousands of people marched down Queen Street). Political protests are a way of communicating your voice when you do not feel like you are being heard. Another form of expression which is quite important to Maori culture in particular…

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  • Support New Marketing Activities

    activities are not efficient or effective for the organisation. With my availability and services coming to MetalMan, I will be able to give them more options, opportunities to provide my attributes, knowledge and skills that I have obtained from Auckland University of Technology. With my knowledge I am able to assist them with the right insight to develop successful marketing activities to operate efficiently and effectively. Glenn Dunn and Jackie Proctor are responsible for all marketing…

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  • What Are Some Of The Root Causes Of Diversity Management In New Zealand

    Ethics 3) Law DIVERSITY Diversity is one of biggest realities of New Zealand today. There are people who belong to different nationality, race, age, culture, gender, sexuality, religious beliefs, interests, lifestyles, needs and desires. In fact, Auckland is now more diverse than London and Sydney. It has more than 200…

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  • Justified True Belief Theory Of Knowledge

    There are 3 different types of knowledge: acquaintance knowledge (I know Auckland well), skillful knowledge (I know how to ride a bike), and propositional knowledge (I know that snakes are reptiles). The first two forms of knowledge are interesting, but we are only concerned with the third, what it is to know some proposition, ‘p’. We automatically note a difference between belief and knowledge. Individuals can believe propositions that are not true; but if you know that ‘p’, then ‘p’ must be…

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  • Total Tourism Case Study

    Typically, tourists will arrive in Auckland and have to make the decision if they are heading towards Hobbiton or Rotorua as the are seperate directions but both heading south. This means that Hobbiton could pull away possible tourists coming to Rotorua as the tourists would rather visit Hobbiton…

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  • Kate Sheppard Women's Rights Movement

    a paper run in one of the strongholds for suffrage. While on the same day the Auckland Star ran a story on the passage of the Act and the Governor’s Assent, with an accompanying story entitled “Have Men More Brains Than Women?”, which did not commit to answering that question, but did at one point state that “a woman is four ounces less capable of thinking than a man”. The primary story in that edition of the Auckland Star was much more useful, detailing the procedure for obtaining registration…

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  • Hobbiton Case Study

    of stay. By this information being documented and placed in a table we are able to clearly see Hobbitons larger target markets. Visitor Origin Visitor Expenditure Total Visitors Day
Visitors Overnight Visitors Length
of Stay Visitor Nights Auckland 688,000 275,000 413,000 2.4 nights…

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  • Faccenda Chicken Ltd Vs Fowler Case Analysis

    Contract is a kind of legally binding agreement which form between two or more parties and the parties will obtain rights, owe duties and have obligations from the subject matters in the agreement and it frequently occurs in our daily life, such as contract in employment. There is a specific situation arise from the contract which called restraints of trade and it is a clause in a contract which has the fundamental purpose is to prevent a party doing some kind of business activities, profession…

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