50 Years Of Stupid Grammar Advice Summary

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Many things can happen in the span of 50 years. In this case, Geoffrey K. Pullum argues for 50 years a certain book has influenced university graduate’s understanding of grammar. Pullum is the author of the article “50 Years of Stupid Grammar Advice”, which is primarily discussing the book “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk and E. B. White. , Pullum argues that this highly regarded book misguides student’s understanding of English grammar. Pullum goes into detail about how the book incorrectly teaches grammar especially when the authors are warning to avoid many things. Whether the advice was even correct or not, it has influenced student’s writing to the extent where they avoid forming sentences that do not seem grammatically correct to only themselves. This discussion arises many points of grammar’s role in writing. I strongly agree with Pullum that grammar should not restrict our writing and instead be used as a tool to expand our own ability. Aside from this book we can see the influence of the modern ‘text language’ is further ruining student’s understanding of grammar. Grammar is an essential writing tool that can improve our writing ability as opposed to restricting it.
Grammar is a tool that
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Pullum has shown how White and Strunk’s book “The Elements of Style” has misguided students by acting as opinionated grammar rule book. The unintentional consequences of this book are that student’s grasp of grammar will become limited, which also limits their creative potential. This also relates to the wider issue of how ‘text language’ is becoming mainstream, which is also limited student’s grammatical and communication abilities. Collectively these will, unfortunately, shape the English Language to a simpler form of itself, unless students continue to properly study the English language and English

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