Industry Knowledge Portfolio Study: Food Service

Faculty of Consumer Services Certificate in Food and Beverage Level 3 453.318 Function Food Service Industry Knowledge Portfolio Task

1) For each of the following hospitality industry types, identify a New Zealand example, state the main business purpose and describe two facilities and two services that are offered.
a) HOTEL-The Distinction Hamilton Hotel, is situated in Hamilton, New Zealand. The main purpose of hotels is to encourage and promote investment and development of hotel. The hotels provide facilities for accommodation, hotel deals, dining and conferences. They provide the accommodation with well-furnished rooms, parking, inside gym,
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It is an Italian restaurant. The main purpose is to make profit and provide best of their abilities to the customers to make them regular. The major events of life, personal and professional ones are celebrated in restaurants. They are more important than ever. The restaurants provide the facilities of food & beverages, lunch and dinner service. They provide desserts, wines, fortified wines, homemade wines, fresh juices, smoothes, cold and hot beverages to the customers. The restaurants provide the order service by phone-calls and book tables. Some of the restaurants provide home delivery service food and beverages.

c) HOSTEL-The hostel that is KIWI hostel, situated in Auckland. In few countries, the word hostel sometime refers to as longer time accommodation. The hostel provides single and mixed rooms with share bathrooms, lounge and sometimes kitchen also. The main business purpose is to gain profit by providing rooms and food at low price to the travellers and backpackers. They provide medical facility also well-equipped gym and swimming pool for boys & girls separately with accommodation facility. They provide the service of breakfast, candle-light dinners in the banquet hall, Wi-Fi, washer & drier, public phones and so
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The best area for campsite is run by Auckland Regional Councils like Pataki Lakes & Native Parks. They published the camping care code also, so choose your campsite carefully. Set up your camp on firm, high and sandy ground. We don’t do camping there, where it is not permitted. The business purpose for campsites of Auckland Regional Councils is to get tax from the peoples come on those places and they provides the facilities like entertainment and toilets but peoples must have to bring their own food and tents when come for camping.

2) Explain the different styles of service in the following establishment types, in terms of price, menu style and how the meals are served to the customer:
a) FAST FOOD RESTAURANT- There is different restaurant types open all time & concepts can vary from pizza chain to fine sushi restaurants. Restaurants are classified by one of three major restaurant types: Full service, Fast-Casual and Quick Service restaurants.
In full service, prices for entree’s usually of $10-15 depending on area. Rarely with these dishes go higher than $20.
In fast casual, try to settle within $7-10 usually specialize in a few menu items & drinks for under $10.
In quick service, price for meals is $6 or

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