Papa Geo Case Study

Register to read the introduction… With the economy being so low, we understand the importance of bring our customers the best quality of service and good. We will try to maintain the price of $7 per person including drinks for as long as we can. * * * * 3.0 Capital Expenditure Budget
3.0 Capital Expenditure Budget

* The budget for capital expenditures would be $65,000. This cost would be upgrading the equipment or buying new pizza ovens or dishwasher. The food inventory would also be a capital expenditure. Their food inventory would be one of the biggest capital expenditures because Papa Geo’s will continue to go through food on a daily basis. * * * 4.0 Investment Analysis
4.0 Investment Analysis


4.1 Cashflows Year | Net Annual Cash Flow | | | | | Cost | (250,000) | | | |
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5.1 Pro-Forma Income Statement * Describe key figures and assumptions from the income statement, such as important profit or sales figures and their causes. Also, provide a screen shot of your pro-forma income statement. *
5.2 Pro-Forma Cash Flow Statement * Provide a screen shot of the cash flow statement and describe the impact of the budget on cash balances. *
5.3 Pro-Forma Balance Sheets
Provide a screen shot of your balance sheets, and describe key figures they contain. *
6.0 Works Cited
6.0 Works Cited

* * List any sources you cited in the body of your report. * * 7.0 Appendices
7.0 Appendices

* * NOTE: Start this section at the top of a new

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