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  • Essay On Gender Roles In Lysistrata

    various cities to persuade them to participate in her strike to end the war. Understanding that Spartan and Athenian women both desire their husbands, she asks them if they long for their husbands, the “father of [their] children, all this time,” (Aristophanes 8). The women exclaim how the “war puts [them] to bed” alone, yearning for their men’s presence. With their husbands home, the hierarchy of power will be reestablish, which demonstrates the women’s wish to maintain their statuses as women,…

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  • Theme Of Refusal In Lysistrata

    he is not angry. This behavior is entirely different than what occurs in Lysistrata, as the women attempt to overexaggerate the importance of their need to go home. One of the women begins talking to Lysistrata by saying "Oh dear, oh goodness" (Aristophanes 411). While this makes it seem as if she has something important to say, the woman says she has to get home to peel her flax. When Lysistrata realizes the woman does not have anything important to say like she was expecting, she tells the…

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  • Gender Roles In Lysistrata

    Literature exists as a mirror of society when it was written, a reflection of evolving societal values. Through Aristophanes’ Lysistrata, Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Wife of Bath’s Tale, and Miguel de Cervantes Don Quixote de la Mancha, we witness a progression of historical and literary autonomy through the characters within these masterpieces. From Lysistrata’s determined female activist Lysistrata, to The Wife of Bath’s Tale manipulative and controversial housewife Alison, and Don Quixote de la…

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  • Friendship And Friendship In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

    the play Lysistrata in which the main character, Lysistrata, became immediately loyal to Lampito, a Spartan woman, because she joined in Lysistrata’s abstinence from sex. She called Lampito “a darling – the only woman here worthy of the name” (Aristophanes 34). When Lampito joined the cause the rest of the women agreed also. Loyalty in this era forms when a pair form a bond over a mutual interest, in this case to end the war. This pair had a political motive, as did Aspasia and Pericles of…

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  • Feminist Interpretation Of Lysistrata

    When Gloria Blackwell asked me to design the costumes for this production of Lysistrata, I admit I had a few reservations. Why would I be eager to design for a play written thousands of years ago? What new and illuminating ideas could I bring to a play that had been produced so many times? Gloria is known for her feminist works, highlighting gender inequality, bias, and disparities. The last adaptation of Lysistrata I had heard of was Lysistrata Jones, a 2011 musical comedy about cheerleaders…

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  • What Role Does War Play In Humanities

    Life can be messy and filled with complications. Throughout the journey of life, there are moments of ups and downs, triumphs and failures. One day a child might come home ecstatic that she got to pet a dog during show and tell. However, later in her life, she may realize that her family is being separated because her parents are getting a divorce. More bad news could keep piling up as she realizes that her father is being deployed overseas for an entire year. However, she tries to stay positive…

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  • Alcibiades's Symposium Analysis

    She takes the parts of truth in each speech and separates them from their false interpretation to get to the true nature of love. Such is the case when she criticizes Aristophanes’ conclusion, “ but I say that they are seeking neither for the half, nor for the whole, unless the half or whole be also a good” (Symposium 29). Aristophanes had thought that long ago people were cut in two by Zeus because they tried to get to the heavens (16). This is the same thing that Socrates does to Theaetitus…

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  • Lysistrata Analysis

    Around the year 400 BC, Aristophanes wrote the comedic play Lysistrata to convince Athenians to stop the Peloponnesian War against Sparta. The main protagonist, Lysistrata, is a brilliant Athenian woman who rallies a sex strike within Athens and Sparta in order to force a peace treaty between the two city-states. In addition to incorporating sexuality as a comedic element in his play, which the Greeks embraced as a natural side of humanity, Aristophanes also utilizes the elements: dramatic irony…

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  • The Virtue Of Love In Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics

    Love: an aspect of life both complex and simple, both mysterious and apparent, both evasive and accessible. Great thinkers have mused over this concept, its different forms and effects, for centuries. Many ask the question of love's role in happiness: is it truly necessary? Both Plato and Aristotle argue the importance of love in attaining true contentment. However, the different forms they describe carry different connotations and different levels of influence on life. In Aristotle's…

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  • Comparing Phaedrus And Socrates 'Virtue In The Symposium'

    In the Symposium, Phaedrus, Pausanias, Eryximachus, Aristophanes, Agathon, Socrates and Alcibiades all gather at Agathon’s residence to share a drink together. All of whom, not including Socrates, are part of the elite; intellectual and aristocratic. The reason for such a high profile gathering was their intention to celebrate Agathon’s victory at a contest; he was a playwright in tragedy. He is described as a young beautiful man with a superior command of words. Soon after their dinner, they…

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