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  • Satire In The Acharnian

    and technology between “The Acharnians” and Stephen Colbert’s “The Word: Armistice,” both works utilize satire and have a very similar way of presenting it to their respective audiences. “The Acharnians” is a play written by Athenian playwright Aristophanes, and it is set during the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta. In the play, Dicaeopolis is an Athenian farmer that is one of the very few people…

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  • Gender Roles In Aristophanes's 'Lysistrata'

    Throughout the play Lysistrata, Aristophanes constantly makes reference to gender roles that exist during 411 BC in ancient Greece. He demonstrates that at this time, men are clearly looked at as superior to women in all aspects of life and should generally be uncontrollable. However, he gives Lysistrata, and to some extent the other females, the opportunity to use sexuality as a source of power in order to reach their goals since women do not usually have any voice in society. The title…

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  • Analysis Of Aristophane's Theory Of Love

    In addition, Aristophanes’ theory adequately explains the concepts of marriage and sexual intercourse, and why so many people partake in them; they cannot ever be truly welded together with their “other half,” but they can can still form bonds together through marriage and sexual relations. As a result, Aristophanes’ theory of love is superior to Plato’s for a vast majority humans, as Aristophanes adequately explains why a vast majority of people partake…

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  • Lysistrata A Comedy Analysis

    The Comedic Nature of Lysistrata On the year 411 BC, Aristophanes wrote the comedic play Lysistrata, the first anti-war play in the world. Comedy takes various forms, and the purpose of this essay is to analyze the comedic elements used in Lysistrata to determine whether it is a farce or a satire. Why is this important? Michael Moses, the president of the Association of Literary Scholars and Critics said: “The key to adjusting the relative strengths and weakness of a particular work was for the…

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  • Plato's Symposium: The Attainability Of Love

    surrounding love: what it is, who it effects, and what it means to be achieved. The general understanding is that there are multiple forms of love, and whichever is engaged in will help dictate the status of the one engaging. The speeches of Aristophanes and Diotima present differing definitions of the purpose of love with varying levels of complexity. Each outlines a different path one must take in order to achieve love’s purpose, and the path one chooses dictates what change a person will…

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  • Essay On Aristophanes's Allegory Of The Cave

    Euelipides seek asylum from the monstrous nature of the corrupt and greedy politicians that plague the human world by joining their perceived utopia with the birds, but find that the hunger for power is universal throughout civilization. Where Aristophanes tells about the troubling nature of humans through the characterization of birds, Plato addresses his own personal desire for man to strive for a truth greater than that offered by society in his Allegory of the Cave. Aristophanes's humor and…

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  • Homosexuality In King James's The Symposium

    King James I, the commissioner of the King James Bible and one of the first Stuart Kings of England, was widely known to have secret homosexual relationships. Some of his most famous courtiers were the Earl of Somerset and the Duke of Buckingham, the latter eliciting a slew of rumors and semi-fictitious stories. While some chose to ignore these rumors, others scoffed at James and used his possible homophobic desires as a reason to tarnish his legacy. King James’ 16th and 17th century England…

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  • Socrates In Clouds Analysis

    different images about the characteristics of Socrates. One of the images was written in Clouds by Aristophanes and the other was described in The Apology by Plato. Before getting into the details of these two different images of Socrates, we should have an idea that the purpose of each author should be completely different because of the difference of the genres. Clouds was a work of comedy,…

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  • The Lysistrata Analysis

    Sex and politics is the main topic in the anti-war comedy, The Lysistrata, written by “The father of comedy,” Aristophanes, which first staged in 411 BCE. One may argue that this play is based on feminism, and although it may seem that way, women are actually victims of prejudice who play under the role of using their sexuality to get what they want. Thus, this play accounts of one woman’s mission, Lysistrata, to end the Peloponnesian war by convincing all the women of Greece to stop engaging in…

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  • Lucretius On The Nature Of Love Essay

    madness. It disrupts the lives of individuals as “their days are passed at the mercy of another’s whim” (Lucretius 51). They begin to “die from hunger and general idleness, because they would not do anything apart from each other” (The Speech of Aristophanes, 191a-b). They lose sight of their duties and strength, and instead focus on the “icy heartache” associated with love (Lucretius 49). The lover’s pleasure unavoidably involves heartsickness and pain. Often the lovers become so overwhelmed…

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