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  • Comparing The Symposium And The Allegory Of The Cave By Plato

    development of philosophy. He is major influence was his teacher, Socrates, who impressed in him that ‘love of wisdom’ and He passed that onto his own student, Aristotle. Some of Plato’s marvelous works are: Phaedrus, The Symposium and The Allegory of the Cave and the themes depicted in them are freedom (philosophical education), madness (in love and in life), love and beauty ( in all the aspects of our lives.) Now, I’ll go on into a deep analysis of Plato’s works previously mentioned, I’ll express my point of view about them and why even though Plato’s philosophy is based…

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  • Humor In Oscar Wilde's The Importance Of Being Earnes

    society but in a manner that will create humour and not outrage. The topic of marriage appears to be an ongoing debate throughout the play and is constantly bought up. Algernon and Jack dispute about the essence of marriage when Algernon labels a marriage proposal as "pleasure" and "business", causing Jack to accuse him of being "unromantic". Algernon regards marriage as a social obligation that he must fulfil in order to maintain a respectable name in society. However, Jack's view of marriage…

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  • Homosexuality In King James's The Symposium

    it was to some the highest form of love in ancient Athenian considerations. Homosexuality…

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  • Why Do I Trust In Relationships?

    However, I would say that I try to see people clearly while also doing my best to love them and give all that I can and that they need as their friend. Although it does not mean I do not greatly value all of my relationships -because definitely I do- there are just few relationships I trust to be consistent, and many of my platonic relationship do not count in this category. I usually leave most of my walls down, however there are a few that stay up consistently until a relationship surpasses…

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  • Can Past Lovers Still Be Friends Analysis

    once you are emotionally involved with a person, there may not be a chance to have a platonic relationship afterwards. She appeals mainly to the viewer’s emotions, but also she illustrates with her actions the personal experience as the video unfolds, as well as the reasoning as to why she feels two lovers can not be friends. Deborah Cox uses visible emotion in the video to give the viewers the idea of how emotionally and mentally stressed one can become when battling what the heart may need…

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  • Literary Techniques In Maupassant's This Is Not A Love Song

    In today’s society, most of the relationships presented in books, movies, TV shows, and other media are romantic in nature. However, “This Is Not a Love Song” by Brendan Mathews veers away from that normal occurrence. Although some of the relationships that are presented in the story are romantic, the main focus is on the constant friendship between the narrator and Kat, the subject of her many photographs. Mathews uses a unique and interesting sort of snapshot vignette style of writing that…

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  • An Island Dilemma

    emotionally. By taking a look at the whole structure of this novel, the first generation of Danielle and the last generation is also disturbed to the guidelines, and this is like the human DNA in force can not sever the emotional lure, entice him to look for, is not necessarily looking for love, at least to experience the world the truth, even if the truth is nothingness. Thus, after the artificial reproduction was mentioned, sex becomes unnecessary; after the digital network developed, social…

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  • Dialogue On The Infinity Of Love Analysis

    Beginning with Plato’s Symposium, many have written about their opinion on the nature of love. Plato’s work is often consulted to understand Ancient Greek society and explain love and sexual behavior. Throughout history, others choose to voice their opinion on the nature of love. There were multiple published works on the topic in the 1500s, but Tullia d’Aragona’s writings were some of the most progressive for the time. She speaks on issues women face, such as status and equality. Tullia…

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  • Cookie-Ness In Plato's Symposium

    There is a structure in love where everything and everyone has a similarity, a cookie-ness. This cookie-ness could be as simple as everyone being male, female, loving men or women, and so on. In Plato’s Symposium, we learn about the uniqueness of love, the beauty inside and out, and the relationships between younger men and older men. Most importantly, we learn that Socrates is different. He doesn’t play by the rules of the ‘beauty ladder’. This essay will look at the lack of cookie-ness of…

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  • The Importance Of Love In Virgil's Aeneid

    In Symposium by Plato there is discussion on what love is and for the assembled guests it has different meanings. Many types of love can be seen in Virgil’s Aeneid as well; there is love between people or of the devotion to gods and family (pietas). These types of loves can be described through Diotima’s speech. Diotima defines love as the desire to give birth to beautiful ideas that last forever; she argues that love is not fully knowledgeable or ignorant, and that the soul is more beautiful…

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