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  • Socrates And Diotima's Unconditional Love

    Love, one of our many goals and desires that we want in life. Some people have already found love, some have not, some have lost it, and some have missed their chance. We fall into one of these category at some point in our life. When we fall in love, in that moment, we are head over heels for our partner. Some people say that their partner is the one and only, or the one that complete them. We have these desire of love at some point in our life, wishing that we have it. Now, if we were to say…

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  • Gilgamesh And The Bible: A Comparative Analysis

    I have selected the two works The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Bible. In both of these works we see some similarities and differences about the relationship between men and divines in a different way. In this paper I will analyze the relationship between men and divines described in these works The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Bible. I will focus on the differences and similarities which both of these works have regarding relationship between men and divine. The Epic of Gilgamesh depicts gods as…

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  • Essay On Diotima

    In The Symposium, Diotima asserted that the Form of Beauty contained four main particular intrinsic features. I will begin by explaining the four main features of Beauty itself . I will also explain the relation between the Form of Beauty and beautiful things. The first attribute Diotima asserted for the Form of Beauty was immortality and invariableness. Diotima claimed that Beauty itself ‘does not come into being or perish, nor does it grow or waste away’ (211a). Beauty itself has no…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Love In Plato's Symposium

    Symposium by Plato is a story which discusses the different types of love and how each type of man present in the story views love. Men give speeches, discussing the different types of love, the love of men being of the heavens, and love of women being of the earth. However, when analyzing the pieces, it becomes clear that there is more meaning to the writing than simply the existence of an earthly and a heavenly love. Rather, Plato wishes to convey a deeper, societal message in his writing. The…

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  • Love And Wisdom In Plato's Symposium

    This level of love is considered the type of love that is still physical attraction, but instead of only that, the love is deeper. Pausanias, Agathon, and Aristophanes are considered on this level. All three of the speaker’s quotes are similar on their knowledge of love. They show very similar meanings and understandings. Pausanias explains the relationship between a young boy and a man. “the lover appreciating…

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  • Ancient Greek Research Paper

    the Olympics. The Greeks studies math, science, and philosophy. There were many writers and thinkers in Ancient Greece. Some of them were Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. These people studies philosophy. Some play writers were Aristophanes, Herodotus and Thucydides. Aristophanes wrote many comedies, which were stories which made fun of people and their customs. Herodotus was a person who examined his sources and pointed out bias. Thucydides wrote about the Peloponnesian War, and tried to be…

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  • Comparing Plato And Socrates In The Apology Phaedo Symposium Republic

    Much of Socrates’ life is accounted for in quick snippets of stories told through Plato, Aristophanes and Xenophon. Seeing as their main goal was to make points about philosophical ideas, these depictions of Socrates tended to be vague and inaccurate ( Plato's Symposium focuses heavily on describing Socrates’ appearance. “He was…

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  • Anthropocene Essay

    The Birds: Anthropocene Warning or Comical Prank? Humanity was not always on Earth, despite the long debate of how humans came to be, humans have caused many changes to the Earth. Over the many years humans have been on Earth there have been many challenges humans have faced and overcome. They have tried to put together Earth’s record of a timeline through history, which is called Geological Time Scale. In this time scale the periods of time have been divided and called epoch(s). Each epoch has…

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  • Comedy Research Paper

    Drama is one of the three major literary genres, besides prose and poetry, and while it can contain both other generic forms, it fundamentally differs from both. Mostly because drama, in the broadest sense, is a work of art meant to be performed on stage. So, we can say that drama is a performative genre, both communal (created by the play-going society, a community of theatre-makers and playwrights) as well as time and space-specific. I will compare between Drama and Comedy. Firstly, we will…

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  • Comparing Plato's Symposium And Sappho

    The texts Plato Symposium and Sappho, Selected Poems discuss the topic of love as experienced by a select few of society- and thus reject the notion that love is a universal human experience. Through this essay, love will be examined as it pertains to each text and then these ideas will be observed to understand how they reject the notion that love is a universal human experience. Set in ancient Greece, Plato’s work titled Symposium presents his view that love can only be experienced by men and…

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