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  • Oscar Wilde's View Of Love

    In the Symposium, a couple of characters discuss the guiding nature of Love: “[We will find wholeness] if Love is our guide and our commander,” says Aristophanes; (Plato 1997, 476) “There is a certain guidance each person needs for his whole life,” says Phaedrus, “if he is to live well; and nothing imparts this guidance…as well as Love;” (Plato 1997, 463). This proves one of the main objections discussed…

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  • Symbolism In Saint Marie, Marie Lazarre?

    Baited and Lured Aristophanes said, “Hunger knows no friend but its feeder” (BrainyQuote). In “Saint Marie (1934): Marie Lazarre,” from the novel Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich, begins with Marie Lazarre following the Nuns up the hill to the Sacred Heart Convent where she will become a protégé, not for the intentions of salvation, but to prevent Sister Leopolda from getting into heaven. In this story brimmed with layers of irony, Erdrich uses fishing and baiting imagery to demonstrate the…

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  • The History Of Banned Books

    The first amendment of the US Constitution conveys that congress is prohibited from creating a law that restricts the freedom of speech, religion, press, or the right to petition. According to, “The US Constitution established America’s national government and fundamental laws, and guaranteed certain basic rights for its citizens”. Though, it is still in the US Constitution today, its become more insignificant when laws are being regulated or put into place. Claire Mullally found…

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  • Modern Theatre Vs Greek Theatre

    the extent Greek dramas are a small percentage of what was written during the Golden Age of Greek theatre. The classic age of Greek Drama began around the 5th century BCE with the birth of Aescylus in 525 BCE and continued through the death of Aristophanes death in 385 BCE according to Bedford. For the Greeks, it was a sense of community and citizens would spend entire days at the theatre, especially those who were wealthier. Much like the characters of Fiddler on the Roof, everyone knew who…

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  • The Role Of Socrates In The Hellenistic Era

    THE CLASSIC ERA. In this the Socratic era, Socrates and his followers, set out to form great philosophies which turn out be the main platform of Western civilisation. The lesser Socratics, the Platonic Academy, the Aristotelian Lyceum, and the Hellenistic movements, start here and all later thought has to take account of these and a great part of it consists essentially of an elaboration or a commentary upon, or a criticism of, theses movements. The questioning method of Socrates was the…

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  • Justice In Plato's Republic

    Emerging from the latter half of the 5th century BCE, travelling professional intellectuals called the sophists frequented Athens and the surrounding Greek city-states. These intellectuals would offer an education in “arête” (excellence) – to those who would be able to pay a small fee. Arête, during the second half of the fifth century BCE, was associated by Greek citizens with being successfully influential in the political sphere through persuasive speech whereas before then arête was…

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  • More Than Just Rhetoric Analysis

    Lauren Miller Prof. Porter Rhetoric 103A 12 Dec. 2017 More Than “Just Rhetoric”: Today, the term “rhetoric” often carries the connotations of bombast and deceitfulness, but rhetoric, as theorized by many ancient orators, offered a challenge, calling he who practiced the art to higher ethical, moral, and civic responsibilities. Having the freedom and ability to speak was not a license to bend the rules and constructs of society but rather a power to advocate within them. Though a rhetorician can…

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  • Rethinking The Frogs Henrik Ibsen Analysis

    Semester One Final Essay: Rethinking The Frogs Debate The two playwrights I have chosen for the purpose of this essay are Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (1622-1673), known by his stage name as Molière, and Henrik Johan Ibsen (1828-1906). Molière was born on January 15th in Paris, France and is considered to be one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature. I have chosen Molière as one of my two playwrights because I believe that one of the ways to ‘save society’ is through comedy. Ibsen…

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  • Ancient Greek History Essay

    Ancient Greek history must be one of the many important things that I say must be taught in any general school. I feel that the classics must at least be brought up in a middle and high school history class so that when these students reach their college career level they know more than who was president and who won what war. Many may say that the classics that may have been a fraud, but how does that explain all the proof of these wonderful hand painted vases, the wonderful architecture, the…

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  • The Role Of Medea In Euripides 'Lysistrata'

    Euripides has been considered a misogynist and has been accused of hating women, by various critics and even his contemporary Aristophanes, who blatantly calls Euripides a misogynist in his play ‘Lysistrata’. Euripides utilizes the myth and tragedy of Medea, where originally she would have been considered a villain, where she kills her brother and betrays her father to help Jason, to show the plight of the 5th century Athenian woman. While Medea defied social norms and values of the Athenian…

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