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  • Athenian Democracy Essay

    The development of Athenian democracy was influenced by complex social, economic, and military issues, not to mention the obvious political aspect. However, even among these complex set of factors, one aspect in the development of Athenian democracy that stands out and affects all three sets of issues is warfare. Warfare was a constant in ancient Greece, and indeed most of the ancient world. City-states constantly fought, mostly against each other, though they would often band together against…

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  • Socrates Legacy

    teacher. Despite never writing any works himself, Socrates legacy is survived by the accounts of his disciples. Socrates’ students, however, did more than simply preserve the memory of their teacher. Socrates’ students such as Plato, Xenophon and Aristophanes furthered Socrates’ inchoate introduction to philosophy, transforming it into a legitimate field of study and producing the worlds’ first true philosophical works. The most famous of Socrates’ disciples, Plato, paid homage to him by…

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  • The Niggers In George Eliot's The Hollow Men

    Eliot said in 1923 that he would like to copy Aristophanes in such a poetic utterance as this "song" in which he could embody political, religious, and psychological dilemmas and struggles to achieve a perfect state of peace and harmony. The blacks had employed witticism and sloganising phraseology and…

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  • Davidson And Greek Love Summary

    A Review of The Greeks and Greek Love, James Davidson Davidson, James. The Greeks and Greek Love: a bold new exploration of the ancient world. Random House, 2007. xxxiv. 644. James Davidson is a history professor at the University of Warwick in England. He has authored Courtesans and Fishcakes: The Consuming Passions of Classical Athens, and he contributes…

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  • Esther And Lysistrata Comparison

    The characterization of women in classical and biblical literature is usually very negative. Both The Bible and numerous Greek works exemplify the patriarchal structure of their societies through their perception of female characters. Every once in a while, however, a work portrays a heroine in a positive manner. Esther and Lysistrata are two examples of women who display traits of female heroism in their respective works. Similarities and differences arise when it comes to the actions they take…

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  • Classical Vs Hellenistic Greek Art Essay

    The Humanities in Ancient, Classical, and Hellenistic Greece The history of Greece is filled with ethos and color through all the ages and societies of the past. Ancient, Classical, and Hellenistic Greek are three civilizations rich in their expression of the humanities. While these cultures are very similar is some ways due to the fact that the people resided in the same country, many of their beliefs and practices were different from one another as they expanded on and learned from the period…

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  • Athenian Women And Sparta

    The treatment of women in ancient Greece varied wildly from state to state. Two particular cities stand out as stark opposites: Athens and Sparta. When considering the two, many consider Sparta to have been far more progressive in terms of women’s rights, at least for that day and age. Compare: in Sparta women were encouraged to eat well, and train their bodies, that they might be at their peak physical form, while in Athens women were fed what the men did not eat, and were rarely allowed to…

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  • Meda By Simonides: The Oppression Of Women

    on legitimacy for family inheritance; nevertheless outside their homes, women had limited access to social activities within their cities. The poet Hesiod loathed women as a ‘snare’ for men, calling women a ’poisonous race’ and ‘a great plague.’ Aristophanes had men chant in one of his plays, “Women are a shameless set, the vilest creatures going.” Euripides from his book ‘Meda’ writes; “If only children could be got some other way without the female sex! If women didn’t exist, human life would…

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  • Effects Of Xenophon's Attitude Towards Athens

    The evidence to be discussed is that of Xenophon from his work The Economics, however there is no record of when it was produced. Xenophon was born in to a wealthy Athenian family in C.430BC and lived until 354BC. He participated in campaigns but was exiles from Athens in 394BC after fighting against them along side the Spartans. This therefore could affect his attitudes towards Athens however it is still an important piece of evidence concerning social history. In these particular verses…

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  • Humorists: A Satirical Analysis

    beyond comics, satire can succeed in written forms where other forms of comedy struggles. Satirical books have been published by Stephen Colbert and fellow late night host Jon Stewart, and satirical novels are extremely common in the literary world. Aristophanes wrote satirical plays in Ancient Greece, and many have followed suit. In 1726 Jonathan Swift satirized human tendency to make war in Gulliver’s Travels, and in 1961’s Catch 22 Joseph Heller satirizes World War II; satirical novels have…

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