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  • Humorists: A Satirical Analysis

    beyond comics, satire can succeed in written forms where other forms of comedy struggles. Satirical books have been published by Stephen Colbert and fellow late night host Jon Stewart, and satirical novels are extremely common in the literary world. Aristophanes wrote satirical plays in Ancient Greece, and many have followed suit. In 1726 Jonathan Swift satirized human tendency to make war in Gulliver’s Travels, and in 1961’s Catch 22 Joseph Heller satirizes World War II; satirical novels have…

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  • Gender Roles In Shakespeare

    Over 400 years ago, during the times of the Elizabethan Era, lived the greatest dramatist in the English Language. His great works of playwright and inspiring words of poetry made him one of the most widely known authors in England. William Shakespeare was a man of great talent writing 38 plays and 154 sonnets in his lifetime. He was born on April 23rd in the year of 1564 in Stratford-Upon-Avon and died 52 years later on the same date. Before he decided to spend the rest of his life writing,…

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  • Loss Of Innocence In Socrates's Apology

    Socrates commences by making a serious request to the jury to listen to him. He also asks them to forgive him if he begins to talk in the way he usually does. The people accusing him have already spoken out against him. They warn the jury of his persuasive way of speaking and how he might seem convincing as he is professing his innocence. Socrates states he does not speak eloquently. He says he will speak so that everyone to understand why he believes he is innocent. He even believes the…

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  • Bisexuality In The 21st Century

    Bisexuality has been an ambiguous sexual identity. Due to the progressive transformation in the history of bisexuality, it has been difficult to distinctively define the term. This has resulted in many debates surrounding the distinctive historical formation of the term. It is necessary for us to comprehend the term bisexuality so that it can stand the test of time especially as the concept gains massive popularity in this day and age. Today, bisexuality is all around us and has become a…

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  • Ethical Issues In The Epic Of Gilgamesh And The Odyssey

    Gilgamesh, written in ancient Mesopotamia, and The Odyssey written by Homer in ancient Greece. Though many of these situations being discussed are mainly going to be from these two epics, there were also be situations mentioned from Lysistrata by Aristophanes and The Aeneid by Virgil. The characters of…

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