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  • FTIR Analysis Of Cassia Handla

    analysis between 400 – 4000 cm-1 range showed compound with characteristic absorption bands at 3432 cm-1 for alkyne group, 1614 cm-1 for olefin and 1513 cm-1 for arene , 1240 cm-1 for alcohol and phenol, 1159 and 1112 cm-1 for ether group, 1448 cm-1 for alkanes, 567 cm-1 for alkyl bromide which were closely similar to Catechin. No other visible peaks were observed in the spectra which indicate that a simple soxhlet extraction itself yields Catechin with fewer…

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  • Isolating Terpenes From Citrus Peels

    Purpose: The experiment focused on isolating terpenes from citrus peels using supercritical carbon dioxide liquid phase. The experiment also focused to identify/ quantify organic compounds using IR and gas chromatography. Experimental: The experiment procedure can be found in the Organic Chemistry Manual in chapter 6.2 pages 6.11-6.21 and also in Appendix D: experimental records Results and Discussion: Part A: All the lemon peel date was obtained from my lab partner Irini Petros as cited in…

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  • Grignard Reaction Lab Report

    Abstract: The Grignard reaction was successfully accomplished. An amount of 1.20 ml of 2-methyl-2-pentanol was collected, and 9.60% yield was calculated based on the theoretical yield. Despite the low amount of 2-methyl-2-pentanol, its identity was confirmed by comparing the experimental refractive index and infrared spectrum to the literature refractive index and infrared spectrum of 2-methyl-2-pentanol. Statement and purpose The purpose of this experiment is to synthesize a specific alcohol…

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  • Tetraphenylcyclopentadienone Synthesis Essay

    In the IR the first peak was a ketone functional group as indicated by a wavenumber of 1701 cm-1. The second peak was a phenyl functional group as indicated by a wavenumber of 1463 cm-1. The third prominent peak was an alkane functional group indicated by two different wavenumbers 2915 and 2850. Even though an IR proves to be helpful in determining the final product, in the case an IR proved otherwise as it did not help indicate the presence of the quantity for the phenyl…

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  • Structure And Chemical Definition Of Cutin, Waxes And Suberin

    Cutin,Waxes and Suberin Definition: There are lipophilic barriers in all plants that prevent the water loss and manage the movement of, solutes, and gases.Cutin waxes and suberin are these lipophilic barriers. (1) (2) Introduction: Cuticle is the protective and waterproofing covering that covers the plant organs and prevent water loss and entry of microorganism.Cuticle structural component is cutin. Suberin also act as a fence for the pressure from the environment and cutting and is formed…

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  • Effective Ways To Reduce Methane

    Is there any chance global warming, dramatic effects are changing the earth’s atmosphere slowly or rapidly? The industrial revolution begun in the mid- 17th century, it was a transition from agriculture era to manufacturing production era. This was the time where technology was improving and aspect of our daily life was changing. The first powered gasoline car (Benz Patent-Motorwagen) was made in 1807 and made by Karl Benz. Gasoline is made from fossil fuels, which is released into the…

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  • The Physical And Chemical Characteristics Of Crude Oil

    Crude oil is a complex mixture of various organic compounds, comprising of different hydrocarbons and heteroatomic compounds (Simanzhenkov and Idem, 2003). In addition to carbon and hydrogen, petroleum might contain sulphur, oxygen and nitrogen, and metals such as nickel, vanadium, iron, and copper. Crude oil physical and chemical compositions vary with location, depth and age (Rahimi and Gentzis, 2006). Physical composition of crude oil varies from black liquids of high viscosity to…

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  • Climate Change Is A Problem In Today's Society

    in their lives that they would need to travel for. The videoconferencing is much more convenient. An additional step is to trim waste. Garbage that is buried in landfill produces methane, a chemical compound with chemical formula CH4, the simplest alkane and the main component of natural gas. Keep stuff out of landfills by composting kitchen scraps and garden trimmings, and reusing paper, plastic, metal and glass. Let manufacturers know you want products with minimal or recyclable…

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  • Synthesis Ofp-Methoxyacetophenone Synthesis Lab Report

    Synthesis ofp-[1-(p-Hydroxyphenyl)-1-(p-Methoxyphenyl)Ethyl]Phenol (HMEP) 0.2 mol of phenol was mixed with the solution containing 100 mL of acetic acid in 200 mL of concentrated hydrochloric acid in 500 mL five necked round bottom flask fitted with anoil bath, thermometer, mechanical stirrer, reflux condenser. The contents of the flask was stirred for a period of 15 min, the solution was heated to 65oC, 0.1 mol ofp-methoxyacetophenone was introduced into a dropwise to the solution for about 6 h…

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  • Synthesis Of P-Nitrophenol And Hexacyanoferrate

    Jadhav, SM, Shankarwar, SG, Chondhekar, TK.: Electrochemical synthesis of tetra alkyl ammonium salt stabilized gold nanoparticles. Synth. React. Inorganic, Met. Nano-Metal Chem. 42, 1369–1374 (2012) 9. Shon YS, Cutler E (2004) Aqueous synthesis of alkane thiolatedprotected Ag nanoparticles using Bunte salts. Langmuir 20:6626–6630. 10. Ashokkumar, S., Ravi, S., Kathiravan, V., Velmurugan, S.: Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of silver nanoparticles using Tribulus…

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