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  • Curcuma Longa Case Study

    2.1 Test materials: The essential oils of Curcuma longa (Zingiberaceae) rhizomes, Pogostemon heyneanus (Lamiaceae) leaves and Zanthoxylum limonella (Rutaceae) fruits were obtained from a commercial oil extraction plant in Assam, India. DMP was supplied by High Purity chemicals, New Delhi, India while DEPA was obtained from Defence Research and Development Establishment, Gwalior, India. Four concentrations (5, 10, 20 and 30%) of the essential oils, their mixtures, DEPA and DMP were prepared in…

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  • Stereochemistry Synthesis

    Introduction Stereochemistry alludes to the science that reviews the properties of stereoisomers. It can likewise be characterized as the branch of chemistry concerned about the three-dimensional course of action of particles and atoms and the impact of this on concoction responses. A critical branch of stereochemistry is the investigation of chiral atoms. Stereochemistry is otherwise called 3D science in light of the fact that the prefix "stereo-" signifies "three-dimensionality". The primary…

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  • Carbon Fuel Essay

    Use of Carbon Compounds as Fuel: Carbon based fuels: What makes a good fuel? What are these fuels used for? Combustion effects good bad The main carbon based gases in use today are coal, gasoline and natural gas. Coal: The chemical formula of coal is C135H96O9NS. Nearly 85% of Coal is made up of Carbon and the rest is mainly hydrogen and oxygen. Coal doesn’t have a melting point. Like all fossil and biofuels, all different kinds of coal produce CO2 when burned. Coal energy quality varies…

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  • Statistical Analysis Of PCA And 2-D Hca

    2.5. Statistical analysis Multivariate analysis was performed using two algorithms: PCA and 2-D HCA heat map. The PCA, based on the correlation matrix, was performed using XLStat-Pro 2015 software. The 2-D HCA heat map was carried out with the ArrayTrack, and the Ward's minimum-variance method was used for runs and hydrocarbons clustering. A probability level of p=0.05 was considered as significant difference. The data obtained from the RSM on the hydrocarbon removal were subjected to the…

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  • Cinnamomum Tamala Case Study

    and ion source were maintained at 210°C, 210°C and 200°C, respectively. 4.6 Identification of compounds Identification of the components was done on the basis of retention time, retention indices, determined with reference to homologous series of n-alkanes (C8-C24 Sigma-Aldrich) under identical experimental conditions, co-injection with authentic standard compounds, mass spectra with the library provided by instrument software (NIST/ Wiley) and by comparing their mass spectra with those reported…

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