Locust Bean Gum Case Study

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1. Catalytic Reduction of p-Nitrophenol and Hexacyanoferrate (III) by Borohydride Using Green Synthesized Gold Nanoparticles, G. Bhagavanth Reddy.; D. Ramakrishna,; A. Madhusudhan,; D. Ayodhya,; M. Venkatesham and G. Veerabhadram*.Journal of Chinese Chemical Society. 17, 2015; 420-428.

2. G.Bhagavanth Reddy,; A. Madhusudhan,; D. Ramakrishna,;D.Ayodhya,;M. Venkatesham.; G. Veerabhadram,; Green chemistry approach for the synthesis of gold nanoparticles with gum kondagogu: characterization, catalytic and antibacterial activity. Journal of Nanostructure in Chemistry 12 feb 2015 (1-9).

3. Santanu Kaity and Animesh Ghosh*,; Carboxymethylation of Locust Bean Gum: Application in Interpenetrating Polymer Network Microspheres for Controlled Drug Delivery. Ind.
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