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  • Essay On Loss Of Life

    His sudden death created an overtone of sadness with a new viewpoint for my friends and me. We began to see ourselves less than invincible, even fallible, not knowing when one of us could die. This was a big wake-up call, as we were only teenagers. To think we were less than immortal was a big deal, and it was certainly a time of personal growth for all of us. We got together and talked as we could during those first two weeks, also my first two weeks as a nineteen-year-old, and theorized…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Denmark

    When I went to Denmark, it was a second war. Why do I say second war? When I got there, I had no background. I needed to learn everything because I had nothing. Even though I was a teacher, even if you were a doctor, even if you were a lawyer, you knew nothing. It’s a second war to learn from nothing and start a new life. My life after 35 years was over and I had to start again. I had to learn how to pay my bills. We never had to pay for water. We didn’t have electricity. We never even had a…

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  • How To Create A Couple-Personal Narrative

    I woke up the next morning with a book covering my chest, still opened to the same page. Conner was outstretched at the foot of my full size bed, his furry feet touching mine. With my blankets still undisturbed underneath me, I rolled over with groan and stretched until my back popped, sounding like a round of bullets were being fired. I sat up, wiping the gunk from the corner of my eyes, and saw that I beat my alarm. It was 6:52 a.m. I proceeded to turn off my alarm in advance so it wouldn’t…

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  • Essay On Early Childhood Development

    Your understanding of the importance of knowing your past as it relates to the actual age range you chose. Looking back on life, there is something that I have learned that has stuck with me forever. This is that memories may fade but pictures last forever, as long as they are. When I was in foster care, my parents, foster parents, and workers made sure I was able to remember the things that I was involved in my early childhood stages of life. This stage is important to me because it reflects…

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  • The Three Amigos: A Short Story

    It was extravagant. She had come to wish me well. She had said to me. I was scheduled for surgery the next day. She was not my doctor, thus how extravagant it was of hers to come and wish me well? But she had come and she had wished me well. And once she had done so, she had left. When the examining room door had closed behind her, for reasons beyond me, I hopped off the table, went to the door, cracked it, and watched her grow small down the long, sterile hallway, until the corner took…

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  • Personal Narrative: But Now I Face It All Alone

    But Now I Face It All Alone On a fateful winter night on January 31, 2007, I sat silently inside my car contemplating how I could ever enter my home to face my loving husband of 22 years. It was only forty-five minutes earlier that I received a tearful phone call from J.P. Unable to express himself, after returning from his doctor’s appointment, I said that I would be home immediately. Without a shadow of a doubt, I knew that J.P had terminal cancer. Over the next seven years, J.P. was…

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  • Essay On A Day With A Wheelchair

    My Dad rolled the wheelchair that I was sitting in out the front doors of the hospital. I looked at my Mom and the look of relief on her face, as well as signs of sleepless nights and worry caused from the last week. My older brother walked next to my wheelchair and showed off a new action figure as if it was just another average day, excited to share new things with me. I never looked back at my Dad in that moment, but I like to think he looked at all of us with great relief, ready to go home.…

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  • Benefits Of Air Force Essay

    The United States Air Force is the best branch of military that you can go into. The Air Force has by far the best benefits and the best way to branch out of the military to be able to have a career out side of the military. The Air Force is the best branch if you don’t want to be in combat compared to if you went to the Army or the Marines.(Today’s Military) To get into the Air Force you have to have a high school degree or the equivalent to that. You also have to pass the (ASVAB) (military)…

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  • Who Am Autobiography Essay Examples

    I was born on May 5, 1997 in The Northwest Hospital. I was born into a caring and loving family. My dad’s name is Timothy and my mother’s name is Joanne. I don’t remember much when I was a little girl but I always remember my family being a little different. When I was very little, around 5 months old, my father had a stroke that paralyzed his left side. This changed his whole life but also impacted mine. I don’t remember my dad being healthy. I have always seen him walking with a cane and…

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  • The Importance Of Public Speaking In Education

    I have this fear. It causes my legs to shake, and my sweat to build. The abrupt feeling that you would get when a roller coaster has just hit it’s peak, and you have less than one second to prepare for it plunges downward. When you are falling in a dream, and there is nothing there to help you stand up. At this point in my education, I would assume this discontent would disappear. However every time I have to speak publicly, that fear arises once again, and I become unsure on how the words I…

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