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  • Self-Centered Therapy: A Case Study

    Integration Merging personal centered therapy and the concept of being Christ like would be what Jesus would do in response to healing mankind. While I recognize humanistic psychology focuses on behavior and PCT focuses on self, I believe having the ability to integrate both therapies from a Christian stand point would be effective. Scripture encourages us to have a “human” mindset to life by building up our neighbor. Ephesians 4:11-16 ESV states, “And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the…

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  • I Want To Pursue My Master's Degree

    In a person’s life there are often experiences and life events that occur that truly mold and shape that individual’s life. Often times these experiences or occurrences help this person to either better themselves, or lead them into a direction they are meant to go. Though the ideal situation is to have pleasant events happen, sometimes even the most tragic events can be great eye openers. I can certainly attest to this statement. Four years ago my father passed away from pancreatic cancer, and…

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  • Why Do You Don T Care About Other People?

    Have you ever felt like you don 't care about other people? I have to admit, I have. My first thought of today was not, "how can I help my fellow human beings?" It was more, how can I get to work on my goals as soon as possible for as long as possible without getting interrupted. Can you blame me? Everyone is looking after themselves so, why should I look after them? This is mentality of most people I know. We work for ourselves, we seek pleasure, we avoid pain, we try to take care of our…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Can You Promises Me Something?

    “Can you promise me something?” Maybe it was the serious tone in his voice, or, just that particular arrangement of words, but Shawn’s question made Celia panic. “That depends…” she said with hesitance. “Promise me you’ll wipe the extra ice cream off my face before we leave.” Celia instantly relaxed and began laughing. “You know,” said Shawn, his tone heavy with sarcasm, “it’s rude to laugh at people. Especially those with disabilities.” Celia gasped dramatically. “How dare you accuse me of…

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  • My Dreams Must Wait Till After Hell Analysis

    Gwendolyn Brooks’ poem, “My Dreams, My Works, Must Wait Till After Hell,” emphasizes the role that dreams play in the narrator’s life. This traditional sonnet is included in the collection, “Gay Chaps at the Bar,” that introduces the narrators as young soldiers recently returned from war. Favored by writers in the Harlem Renaissance, Brooks wrote the collection in strict sonnet format with iambic pentameter. Yet, the poem does not mirror the rigidity of the sonnet because of Brooks’ careful use…

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  • Direct Entrants In Transition Becoming Independent Learners Analysis

    The journal article; ‘Direct entrants in transition: becoming independent learners’, written by Christie H., Barron P., D’Annunzio-Green N., published in 2013 by Studies in Higher Education, investigates, the transition students take from college courses to direct entry into 2nd and 3rd year degrees at university, how that impacts their future studies and to ascertain information on the factors that helped them to manage and succeed with their studies. The challenge for direct entrant students…

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  • Did I Have A Positive Effect On My Life

    Ever noticed how quickly time fly’s by? A single day retains only twenty-four hours; ones individual life is contrived up of these single seconds, hours, and minutes. Before it’s even realized that time has passed. How that time was spent is inconsequential. I realized that no matter how that time was used; that day will come to a halt. When it ends there is a series of questions you can ask yourself. In my opinion there is one question that trumps the others. Did I have a positive effect on the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Best Time Of My Life

    There have been many times that myself and others have been treated unfairly but one of the more recent times for myself is heavily on my heart. Senior year is suppose to be the best time of your life am I right? Well, for me it has been everything but that. My friends have betrayed me and others have began to despise me. Now I am not going to lie like I am the best person in the world and everyone should get along with me, I have my moments as well. But when your friends or who you thought were…

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  • Freedom: Similarities Between Death And Freedom

    People want to be immortal and be free. Thus, death is the end of mortal life and no one is free because they are under the laws of countries. Moreover, death and freedom are two different and unique life experiences; however, they share some striking similarities. Although People may think that dying and liberty have nothing in common because they are so different, their similarities are people desire to take less responsibility. Also, by dying or having freedom each other might be affected;…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Want To Live Forever

    There are things that I wish for more than anything else in existence, given they probably don 't even exist. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ One is to live forever, to never die. I will never kill myself. This is absolute with my current state of mind, of course I can change in time however I want to hold on to this one, of many parts of my mind. The reason behind saying this is because…

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