Dependency On Technology

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Technology serves a very strong purpose in the world. I say cellular devices have more of an affect with this generation. I can’t walk down the street without seeing someone’s face planted into a screen of any kind. I feel separated from the world even though it’s right at my fingertips. Crazy how something so small can hold so much “knowledge”. Wrap your mind around this, one person sends or receives, on average, 110 text message a day. The average person sends 120 emails in one day. Ridiculous numbers, but shockingly the average person makes 8 phone calls a day. As texting and emailing increases calls decrease.
Dependency, a very broad term. Our country’s dependency on technology is atrocious. As I mentioned before, every street has a face plated in a screen. How would you know what is actually going on around you, not in the world but literally right next to you? We depend on technology entirely too much. It’s our way of life, we know other to survive. People feel like if they didn’t have their phone for five minutes that they’ll miss something so important. In all reality they missed a cat flipping 100 times. It’s so incredibly astounding to watch how people flip completely out when their phone
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All things need to create the paper you’re reading. Has anyone ever thought about how much technology costs? My guess would be no, we spend so much money on things I believe are unnecessary. “Apple IPhone 6s is coming out!” the consumers first reaction is “I have to get it!” They spend hundreds for one device that isn’t their top priority. Many Americans today lack the ability to control their spending, especially when it comes to technology. People want to follow-up with the latest trends, but the cost of technology is so expensive. We “need” a computer, phone, tablet, printer, etc. On the other hand, we don’t “have” to shower every day or brush or teeth twice a day at least. Our minds take a toll on what’s “right” and

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