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  • Personal Narrative-Changing Experience Of Lying In Middle School

    Lying on my bedroom floor, I cried. It wasn’t one of those angry cries or stress cries, it was a cry that highlighted the hurt and pain that consumed me. I couldn’t comprehend what I did to deserve any of it, so I just cried. No one could hear me. Earlier that day in 2012, I woke up to my regular, everyday routine. From the kitchen, my mom yelled, “Wake up! It’s time to get ready for school!” Grumbling, I got out of my bed and started getting ready. It was a lovely spring morning, and I was…

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  • My Experience In Mythquake: My Life In Quake

    An experience that is genuinely unique to me Experience of a person differs from each other. I remember that day 2072/01/12 Saturday at 11:56 am, I was doing my work in my house at Kathmandu at the time of the 7.9 quake. It feels happy that I can announce that I am finally safe. While talking about my experience, being the citizen of developing country, the experience during earthquake was unforgettable for me. It is called the dark day of every citizens living in NEPAL. People were homeless…

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  • The Cultural Challenges Of Doing Business In Greece

    Kali mera sas? Good morning. Wake up, you are in Athens. Athens is your corporate regional headquarters for Africa and the Middle East. It used to be in Beirut, but, when Lebanon became a war zone, many companies moved their regional operations to Athens. The local laws provide regional headquarters with permits for residency. There are also no taxes for regional headquarters that conduct no actual sales/manufacturing business in Greece, but create administrative and marketing jobs to focus…

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  • Application Essay: The Story Of When I Chose To Follow God

    Application Essay In the following paragraphs I will tell the story of when I began to follow God. I then will tell about where he has brought me today and how he has grown me over the years. Lastly I will explain how I feel I am a good match for Southeastern University in the academic field as well as a spiritual aspect. So let’s begin with the beginning. It was one day after work, I worked in the same town that Jonathan, my youth pastor, lived in. I believe Jonathan wanted to talk to me…

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  • Head Start: Observation

    I learned so many things while doing this interview. It was fun interviewing the people I did and learning things I didn’t know. Head Start is a great program for any child, it teaches many life skills. I’m glad we did this interview because it made me realize how important Head Start is for children. The first parent I interviewed was my neighbor back in George, Iowa. Her name is Carla Rokusek, she has three kids. A six year old girl, a 5 year old boy, and another 1 year old little boy. Her…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Cousin Triston

    Humans are flawed; humans lie, cheat, steal, and for all of their good qualities always have issues. These character traits aren’t specific to a single person, everyone has them. People are also filled with love, compassion, kindness, and all sorts of other things that make them nothing short of amazing. My cousin Triston played an amazing role in my life before he passed away prematurely, but the impact he had has shaped me into who I am today. Triston had his faults like all of us, but he had…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Current Journey

    My current journey I question the word life. I question my past journey ups and downs and if everything happens for a reason. I also look at judgement in the world today. People judge others for being evil or bad and treat these individuals as if they have always been this way. As I look at my 20-year-old son today, I think to myself where did I go wrong. It takes me back to the day he was born and what a beautiful baby he was. He was a happy baby and I exposed him to love that I never received…

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  • My Most Influential Chapter In My Life

    When asked to describe yourself what do you say? Would you say your outgoing, bubbly, have an outgoing sense of adventure? Or maybe you would tell everyone how you have twelve cats and still live in your parent’s basement, maybe you would want to leave that part out. When we are asked to tell someone about ourselves we want them to see our best sides, our greatest achievements, our proudest moments right? So why don’t we tell them the truth, what about the pain, and suffering we have gone…

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  • College Life Research Paper

    College Life Would you like to start going back to school? Have you had any doubts about going to school? Ever thought it would be too much to handle all at one time? You are NEVER to old to attend college. Whether it is a technical college or University? School is school. It is up to you to decide if you are up for the mental and physical challenge. Personally, I didn?t think that I was going to be able to handle all the stress between school, work, and my personal life. My motivation began…

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  • Raised Voices Poem Analysis

    Many of us have lost something that held a reason in our life and a loss that did not. I have loss a person that was a purpose and should still be in my life today, but things will come and go and that has made me who I am today. The loss I experienced was my aunt not by death, but by actions and choices. The poems that best connected and related with my loss were “Naming” by Nancy Mairs and “Raised Voices” by Jack Brannon from What Have You Lost? The poems both hold similar qualities to my…

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