The Importance Of Self-Efficacy In Relationships

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One of my relationships that I have is with my good friend Kegan. The reason why we have such a good relationship between us, is because we have so many things in common. When I first met Kegan when I was 12 years old. I really didn't know him. As we started to hang out together we started to become more like each other. I don't know if that was because he wanted to be like me or I want to be like him. We learn from each other and watch the way we did things thus social cognitive theory. As time went on we've learned to adapt to each other's habits and influences. Me and Kegan we're kind of the unique people in our families. We had this need for acceptance for us to be accepted by our families for who we are. Me and kegan are both very quiet …show more content…
Let's talk about why it continues to work well and continues to stay at this pace of Trust and worthiness. Me and Kegan like to shoot for the stars, we think we have the ability to do something greater than any other person could do. We both have high self-efficacy to an extent. My self-efficacy is to shoot for my dreams and become what I want to be in a timely manner. Kegan self efficacy is to become stronger minded and to learn new experiences that don't have hardship on his life. Even though we both have high self-efficacy, they Branch off into separate categories. We still like to support each other and give each others options and opinions about what we think is good and best for us. No one other than Kegan has supported me with my dreams and shooting for the Stars. That is one thing I value about Kegan. Yeah, my family they're there for me and they they do support me, but in a way that doesn't really feel the same. This brotherly bond that mean Kegan have formed over the years honestly makes me feel like I'm closer to him, then I am with my own family. If I ask for Kegan opinion on something and I tell him to give me the full truth and nothing but the truth he will tell me. If I do the same for my family they will sugar coat it and and throw me off perspective. But that's why I guess some people are in your

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