Definition Essay On Maturity

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Maturity has different definitions across social, legal, sexual, political, intellectual and religious contexts. Maturity can be defined as an ability to respond to a given environment in the most appropriate way. The response is not necessarily instinctive as it is generally learned most of the times. Maturity encompasses the aspect of being aware of the appropriate place and time to behave in a certain way. Knowing when to act based on the circumstances and culture of the relevant society can also be considered as an aspect of maturity . Maturity is not a matter of age. A 30-year-old may fail to show aspects of maturity while at the same time an 18-year-old demonstrates aspects of maturity.
There are various practices or characteristics
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This is the ability to think less of oneself. As a mature individual, one should not be drawn to their own attention. People should have the ability to appreciate others for the contribution they have made to their success. A mature person will also give thanks to the creator for the talents accorded to them. They are aware that without this most of their accomplishments would not have been feasible.
Most of the decisions associated with mature individuals are based on character and not feelings. This could be described as the ability to live by values. There are inherent principles that tend to guide decisions. This enhances the capacity to progress beyond mere reaction to life’s options. As a result, they end up being proactive as they lead their life. When the character becomes the master over emotions, it is quite easy to make even the tough decisions.
A mature individual also can express gratitude consistently. The more mature a person is, the more grateful they become. This is regardless of whether it is a big or small thing involved. There is an understanding that it is not a must they have whatever they have; it is more of a privilege. People that are immature might think that they deserve everything good that is happening in their lives. Mature people will see the bigger picture and realize it is a privilege based on the number of individuals in the world that could not get that
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In short, they are teachable. They do not assume to have all the answers. They tend to realize that they need more wisdom as they become wiser. Mature people are never ashamed of seeking counsel from other people. This is due to the understanding that no one knows it all.
The most mature person that I know is my father. This based on the decisions that he makes and the way that he carries himself. Among the ways that he demonstrates his maturity is by prioritizing the family needs ahead of his own. Many are the times that my father has had to delay his own gratification so that he could ensure everyone within the family is happy with their way of life. We all look up to him and he has never disappointed. He always feels disappointed when any of us is experiencing a difficulty that he is unable to resolve.
He never assumes that he knows everything. He confides with us whenever he is facing a dilemma on a decision that he has to make. This is more so on the decisions that are likely to have an impact on the family. He has never undermined us regardless of our age and status. He treats everyone’s input with the utmost respect. We have been able to solve a lot of problems using this approach. Everyone is left with the feeling of

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