The Importance Of Transition In Life

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His sudden death created an overtone of sadness with a new viewpoint for my friends and me. We began to see ourselves less than invincible, even fallible, not knowing when one of us could die. This was a big wake-up call, as we were only teenagers. To think we were less than immortal was a big deal, and it was certainly a time of personal growth for all of us. We got together and talked as we could during those first two weeks, also my first two weeks as a nineteen-year-old, and theorized about our own personal legacies. It felt surreal to consider such a topic when only two weeks ago my same mind was contemplating an innocent summer romance. Makes me think that maturity is less of a progression in life, rather, it is the result of consequences …show more content…
Logically, his legacy was to be an Olympic champion, as he was considered a hopeful, and not to be ended before it had come to fruition. As he lived in the moment, he died in the moment of training. His true legacy was perhaps his being in the moment, rather than his ultimate goal.
We learned a life lesson as we considered the situation. Perhaps it’s not the goal, but the way you live during the process that matters. Nothing else matters, not perceptions, not bystander’s opinion. Only a right heart and positively living in the moment, actively pursuing a righteous goal; that is truly a noble legacy, worth as much as any accolade. It’s in the living of life that matters, quality over quantity.
As if it weren’t enough to experience the loss, as I reflected on the sudden death of my classmate, I began to have a sickening, sinking feeling that I was also going to die. I felt my eminent death would happen as the result of a horrific car accident. I really can’t explain how I came to this understanding, just that it felt like it was tragically penciled in on my schedule. It was a matter of fact, yet was intensely frightening. At times when it flashed in my mind, I felt frozen in fear, breathless because of this alleged pending
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I tried to laugh it off as paranoia due to fatigue from my heavy work and training schedule, along with the stress in my personal life. Unfortunately, day by day, I gained a greater sense of foreboding. I felt the need to take control of the situation, to find some peace of mind. I decided to take the growing feeling of death at my doorstep seriously, and I began to tie up loose ends in my life. Here I was preparing for an epic date with an incredible guy, and also getting my personal affairs in order. One affair is enough, I thought, the first one, not the second, as I laughed at the play on

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