The Importance Of Public Speaking In Education

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I have this fear. It causes my legs to shake, and my sweat to build. The abrupt feeling that you would get when a roller coaster has just hit it’s peak, and you have less than one second to prepare for it plunges downward. When you are falling in a dream, and there is nothing there to help you stand up. At this point in my education, I would assume this discontent would disappear. However every time I have to speak publicly, that fear arises once again, and I become unsure on how the words I compose in my mind will be produced once said aloud. It might be because of my additional fear of being accepted socially, or it may also stem from wanting to prove my self-worth. When speaking in public, it appears that everyone, including myself, is waiting for my inevitable screw up. As soon as the teacher explained that we would be getting into our reading groups. I knew it was coming, and from then on my mindset was focused on how to attract as little attention as possible while publicly speaking. Although that is close to impossible, that was my goal during reading time. I already felt underrated because I was put into the “dumb kid’s” reading group. It was additionally nerve-racking because I knew the groups would be expected to join and read our stories together. …show more content…
I do remember, that one moment where I felt like my demise as a fourth-grader was approaching and although my heart fell to my stomach, I didn’t. I know that at that moment, I was lucky. No one was paying attention to me, and the odds of that happening every experience are slim. Now, as I am walking up to the front of a class, a small stage, or a group of people I revert back to that moment. I take a deep breath and pretend that no one is paying attention to me. Although that is highly unlikely, thinking about it being true is what regresses my

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