The Three Amigos: A Short Story

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It was extravagant. She had come to wish me well. She had said to me. I was scheduled for surgery the next day. She was not my doctor, thus how extravagant it was of hers to come and wish me well? But she had come and she had wished me well. And once she had done so, she had left. When the examining room door had closed behind her, for reasons beyond me, I hopped off the table, went to the door, cracked it, and watched her grow small down the long, sterile hallway, until the corner took her. Soon after she had left, my doctors, Dr. King and two others whose names elude me, came into the examining room. I dubbed them, The Three Amigos. Dr. King, the only female in the group, was the leader. She was a Floridian and in the dead of winter, …show more content…
We’ll let you sleep and see you again, later today,” said Dr. King. “Ok,” I mumbled, too tired to say much else. I slept.
I woke several hours later when a nurse came and checked on me. She also instructed me on how to use the pain pump. “Any questions,” she asked when she was done explaining.
“Yes,” I said after I had ran my hands across my mummified wrapped upper torso, which my breasts felt like they were about to explode out of. “Why am I swelling,” I asked?
“You just had surgery.” The nurse replied, nonchalantly.
“I’ve had surgery before and I’ve never swollen like this before.” I snapped exhausted, using more energy than I had readily available for use.
“Did you ask your doctors?” The nurse asked me.
“No, I just noticed it.” I barked in a whisper.
“I’ll call your doctors and have them come back and take a look at you.” The nurse said.
The Three Amigos came a few hours later, I supposed it was because I was in- and-out of it. I summoned up some energy and asked my question, but could only open one eye while doing so. With that one eye I searched the tri-sets for an answer.
“Why are you looking at us with only one eye?” Dr. King asked

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