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  • The Radio Frequency Identification

    The innovation of the RFID chip or the Radio Frequency Identification has been a critical piece of technology that has been around since the 1950’s.. There are several methods of identification, but the most common is to store a serial number that identifies a person or object, and perhaps other information, on a microchip known as identity chip. A microchip implant could be used as a virtual barricade, to limit movement, and even to act as a tag for prisoners. In the realm of medicine, it could…

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  • Analysis Of 35P Military Occupational Specialty

    Soldiers in the 35P Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) face many challenges as the progress through their language school and Advanced Individual Training (AIT). They spend six to 18 months focusing all their attention on learning a second language at an accelerated pace and when they have accomplished that daunting task they are sent to Goodfellow Air Force Base to learn the technical aspect of their MOS, usually another three or four months of training. By the time a 35P Soldier arrives at…

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  • Cyber-Security

    Cyber-Security in Transportation Technology in transportation can result in productivity gains, however a higher dependency on information technology also leads to greater exposure and potential of being a target for cyber-crimes such as denial of service, stealing of passenger private information and cyber terrorisms. According to analysis for incidents from 2002-2004 transportation systems faced 16% of total cyber hackings and terrorisms on critical infrastructure (IEEE, 2007).…

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  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology

    Introduction RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is a rapidly expanding technology being utilized more and more in our daily life. This paper will explain the history, uses, benefits, obstacles and innovations of RFID. I will examine why it is being employed by so many industries and what can limit its expansion. RFID Background RFID types consist of either passive systems, which do not have an internal power source, or active systems, which have a power supply and can…

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  • Rfid Disadvantages

    3.8: Benefits and Limitations of RFID: Though RFID is not likely to entirely replace commonly used barcodes in the near future, the following advantages suggest to additionally apply RFID for added value of identification: • Tag detection not requiring human intervention reduces employment costs and eliminates human errors from data collection, • As no line-of-sight is required, tag placement is less constrained, • RFID tags have a longer read range than, e. g., barcodes, • Tags can have…

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  • Resident Evil: Extinction Analysis

    Resident Evil: Extinction. It’s a very entertaining action packed movie, but it also gives a rough draft about what are radio-frequency identification chips (RFID Chips). Radio frequency identification chips uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects that contain personal information. In the movie, the used a devices very similar to radio-frequency chips to track the main character Alice. Alice was an ordinary girl until the antagonistic Umbrella…

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  • You Begin Poem Analysis

    Brief Overview: what is the composer’s purpose? Atwood’s purpose is to suggest major ideas about life and the world, through the conversation of a parent trying to teach their child basic ideas and eventually more advanced concepts of the world. The poem suggests to its responders that although there are people in the world who are teaching us, even they can never know everything. The main theme or message of the poem is to encourage future children to be able to make their own choices and…

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  • Radio-Frequency Identification: RFID Tags

    Radio-frequency identification also known as RFID is the use of wireless technology that uses electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purpose of automatically identifying and tracking RFID tags that are attached to objects. The RFID tags will have information that is electronically stored. Some of the tags will be powered by an electromagnetic induction from magnetic fields that are produced near the readers. Certain RFID tags will collect energy from the reader’s radio waves and will…

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  • Orange Jugal Essay

    For this sharing, I would like to focus on the telecommunication industry with Orange Senegal, a company which I believe has developed an excellent model to cope with the decline of the voice and reinvent itself. Organizations either small or big, profit or non-for profit have to control their internal environment, but as well to know what is happening in their external environment and how this can impact on their development. By doing so, organizations can anticipate any external threats and…

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  • Case Study Of Intel: Smart Freight Technology Powered By The Internet Of Things

    Therefore, companies are able to purchase sufficient quantity of goods for the increasing needs. IoT can also use for the product return or exchange. With the sensor installed at the mailbox, people can track their order status; for the return or exchange condition, people can also send the message to inform logistic companies to come and pick up the goods. Today’s transportation also got influence by the Internet of Things. With the connected devices, the industry is changing to be smarter,…

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