Y tu mamá también

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    as lucia hands her a towel. To be a woman in Mecha’s society is rough but to be an Amerindian and a woman, even all the white women had no problem insulting servants like Isabel that were both. This film takes the woman’s point of view and enhancing it by making the men lazier than females as Mercha’s husband laid around all day and did not work. This shows that even through so much hard work and efforts can be made by females, socializing agents have forced many people into gender stereotypes but in these two families, the moms run the family and the fathers either do not care or he is left out of most of the scenes in the film. Thomas Morin SOC 331 A: Latin American Society and Culture through Cinema Homework Gender Roles Film: “Y Tu Mama Tambien” (2002, Alfonso Cuaron) In this movie, Julio and Tenoch, around 18 years old, are constantly raging with hormones, friendships and a journey to maturing. During the summer, the two friends are carefree and sleep with a older women while their girlfriends travel abroad. Tenoch’s sister has a political science major but delivered clothes food and medicine for friends and family. Men run the country and organizations but in this movie are also portrayed as the the naughty adults who sleep with many women. At the wedding of officials of their country, the bride represented as a princess and tons of male body guards (sense of security) were present in order to secure the place for the president to attend the event. Women are…

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