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  • Superyacht And Finance Essay

    superyacht crew important? Financial services for superyacht crew is of vital improtance important. Whether you are a captain, engineer chef or starting as a yacht crew in the rapidly growing luxury yacht industry, working on a superyacht has many financial benefits. You earn good income, with little to no living expenses or tax responsibilities for the majority of your time aboard. You will need financial advisor experience in dealing with professional yacht crew and who understands your needs. The banking, investment, tax and insurance requirements are unique. Working offshore offers many investments plans, the tax responsibility changes when you leave you country to work abroad and you may require international bank account. A good yachting financial solution can help the yacht crew set up offshore accounts, create the best investment portfolio and tax you tax advice. Should superyacht staff have international multi-currency Bank accounts? Like other expats, superyacht are professional who travel and work in different countries. They need international multi-currency bank accounts that to receive salary and make payments in a range of currencies. What benefits should your multi-currency offshore bank account have? Depending on the international bank you go for, you can get different services and products from the multi-currency offshore account. Some banks have unique currency accounts tailor made for yacht crew. Here are some of the benefits you get from the…

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  • Yachting Industry Research Paper

    INTRODUCTION Yachting industry is one of the principal activities in the South of France, and especially in the summer season when foreign people come to this part of France for vacations or in order to look for a job. The French Riviera is considered as one of the most visited point for taking cruises beside Florida and the Caribbean. We can find different yachts harbors along Nice, Antibes, Golfe Juan and Cannes, as we can also find different job’s opportunities in various fields as…

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  • The Differences Of Sailing Vs. Yachting

    Whether it be for fun or for a lifestyle of competition, boating is an opportunity for one to further express themselves. Sailing and yachting are more than just styles of boating. To start off, sailing and yachting are both rooted around a boat, but the crews of each play very different roles. Sailing involves a maximum effort by the crew. They operate the boat to reach the end location. Trimming the sails requires the effort of a crew to keep the sailboat pointed in the direction of optimal…

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  • Meta Description

    Meta Description: Discover underrated yachting destinations around the world and learn why these places are well worth a visit on your next yacht charter holiday. Underrated Yachting Destinations Across the Globe You Must Visit When talking about luxury cruises, Ibiza, Sicily, Mallorca, the Whitsunday Islands, Monte Carlo, and Santorini are some of the famous destinations that will surely be mentioned. Undoubtedly, these places have earned their reputation as famous sailing spots. But there…

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  • Marinescence Case Study

    One example was when I was looking for candidates in the social networks or websites and then I had to call them in order to ask them to subscribe in the Marinescence website. Some of the candidates didn’t know what Marinescence was about. Another example according the lack of updated information was that sometimes I spent a day calling different candidates of our database but a big part of them were not available anymore or they had already left the yachting industry. In other cases, some…

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  • The Day Of The Locust Analysis

    The Dark Side of Hollywood Usually Hollywood is made out to be all about glitz and glamour. In Nathanael West’s book entitled The Day of the Locust, West explores the dark side of Hollywood we normally do not see. He goes about this exploration in a dystopian and grotesque manner. The very first reference to this grotesque and dystopian society occurs within the first chapter of the book. Nothing seems to be as it appears at first. “The fat lady in the yachting cap was going shopping, not…

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  • What Does West Egg Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

    Scott Fitzgerald uses symbolism in another way. In the story the author uses a green light at the end of Daisy’s dock to symbolize Jay Gatsby’s struggle to come up from poverty. To Gatsby, that green light signifies Daisy and what he has to do to get to her. Gatsby grew up poor and in poverty. Later on Gatsby met a man named Dan Cody who was filthy rich and helped Gatsby. Dan Cody “took him to Duluth and bought him a blue coat, six pairs of white duck trousers, and a yachting cap” (Fitzgerald…

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  • The Importance Of Ecotourism In The Marine Tourism Industry

    variety of option further attracts more tourists as each tourist came with a different background and preference. Structure-based activity are basically activity that involves an artificial infrastructure built on-site. For example, a floating hotel often attracts tourists who seeks a resort experience farther away from the shoreline. Other common structures include pontoons and underwater observatories. Vessel-based activity are site-specific, where the brokers will take the tourists on a rover…

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  • Case Analysis Of Worldcom

    establishing advancement of the company as the largest handler of internet data, for online services. Closely observed privately and publically by governmental agencies, therefore, in the earlier days, WorldCom’s ethics, and virtues were not questioned. (Ciulla, J., 2003). One of the founders of WorldCom, Bernard Ebers amassed immense wealth through purchases of WorldCom stock, increasing the value price of his common stock holdings, a process of self-indulgent habituation, and a conflict of…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Sailing In Croatia

    family, or a group of friends that are just itching for an excellent summer hurrah, then sailing in Croatia will be a perfect getaway in 2016! There are more than 1,100 islands to explore, hundreds of miles of pristine coastline, not to mention all those hidden coves and secluded beaches where you can simply relax and enjoy the deep, blue waters of the Adriatic. If you decide on this adventure, we suggest visiting smaller islands, such as Zlarin and Lastovo, and immersing yourself into an…

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