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  • Holocaust Memorial History

    “A living memorial to the Holocaust, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum inspires citizens and leaders worldwide to confront hatred, prevent genocide, and promote human dignity,” (“About the Museum”). The museum strives to inform and educate the world about the fragility of freedom and the dangers of hatred. Much of their focus is on preventing future genocides and examining how and why the Holocaust happened. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has a more holistic approach to the matter than Yad Vashem. In the ideas of history and facts this is beneficial in forming a global memory, a way for us to define this event for the whole world. It incorporates how all parts of the world were affected and tried to intervene. It also focuses on our current duty to avoid any similar situations. The museum sits in our country’s capitol among many of our most important memorials. While the ideas presented here are important, what is lost is the personal touch found at Yad…

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  • Summary : ' The Ghetto '

    I. Leokadia Jaromirska Leokadia Jaromirska lived in the Warsaw suburb of Bialoleka. 1942, while on her way to work with another woman, they heard the cries of children and saw a little girl and an eight-month-old baby abandoned near the fence of a convent. Leokadia convinced the other woman to take the girls home with her. After work she hurried back to the other woman 's home, where she found out that the woman had panicked and brought the older girl to the police station. Leokadia took the…

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  • Holocaust Reflection

    I have listened to numerous Holocaust Survivor’s share their stories, visited multiple museums, worked at the Yad Vashem (national Holocaust museum of Israel), and visited concentration camps. When I was 5 years old, I had the honor of meeting a man named David Tuck. David is a Holocaust survivor who was born in Poland. His life was drastically altered when Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939 (Holocaust Survivor Biography: David Tuck). At the time, David was solely 10 years old. He has…

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  • Essay On The Zookeeper's Wife

    According to Yad Vashem, the Righteous Among the Nations are non-Jews who took great risks to save Jews during the Holocaust. Although members of the Righteous came from different nations, religions, and occupations, what they all shared was their stance against injustice and their protection of Jewish neighbors, during times of hostility and indifference. Currently recognized Righteous can be found organized in a database on their website. Their article on the Zabinskis summarizes the…

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  • Oskar Schindler: The Jewish Holocaust

    began his rescue mission as a way to make money (Pompilio 1). His first intentions were not to save these Jewish people from what torture they were receiving, he just wanted to make money just like majority of the business men in Krakow. The Jewish people were also much cheaper to hire and the owners of the factory would not have to spend as much if the workers were productive Germans. The ancient city, home to some 60,000 Jews and seat of the German occupation administration, the General…

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  • Anton Sukhinski: A Tragic Hero

    Even though his neighbors harassed and demeaned him, he was able to maintain his kind and gentle nature. During her testimony, Zipora Stock revealed her husband had once asked Anton, why he had taken her in, Anton’s response was, “God had told him… to save Jews (Rescued by the Righteous Among the Nations. Testimony of Tsipora Schindelheim, Yad Vashem)”. While the Holocaust was a tragic time Anton maintained his morals and took a ginormous risk to save those six people. Even though six people may…

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  • After Oskar Schindler Essay

    A few years after the war, Schindler fled to Argentina to live on a farm with his wife, Emilie Schindler. “...until 1949, when they immigrated to Argentina. In 1957, permanently separated but not divorced from Emilie, Schindler returned alone to Germany” (Oskar Schindler United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). After Oskar leaves Emilee, without a divorce, he moves back to Germany, and is pampered by his Jews. Oskar Schindler was recognized as a hero to them, and for that, he was given…

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  • How To Write An Essay On The Nuremberg Trials

    on trial in Nuremberg for crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.”First, The Nuremberg trials were a series of trails putting Nazi Germans to justice. These were the worst people in history. They tortured Jews, killed them by the millions, abused them, humiliated them, and more. There were judges all around the world and 800 documents and 30 witnesses took part in the Nuremberg trials. Instead of one judge they had a party of judges because these were the worst people and…

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  • Cause And Effect Of Argumentative Essay On Lois Gunden

    During the Holocaust twenty-six year old Lois Gunden, who was an American French teacher from Goshen, Indiana, went to work with the Mennonite Central Committee in southern France. During her time there she has saved over nine women and children. She saved a little girl named Ginette Kalish who was only twelve years at the time by taking her in from her mother and father on a train, Kalish told Yad Vashem in their article (Women of Valor) about Gunden “At the time I was 12 and certainly scared,…

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  • The Film Hidden In Silence

    The film Hidden in Silence is based on a true story. In Przemysl, Poland, during WWII, the city comes under Nazi control. The Jews are sent to ghettos. Catholic teenager Stefania Podgorska (called Fusia in the movie) sneaks 13 Jews into her attic while raising her little sister. Every day, they risk execution--by smuggling food and water to the silent group living above them. The film is not very explicit in the violence against the Jews; instead, it conveys a message of hope for mankind,…

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