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  • Cause And Effect Of Argumentative Essay On Lois Gunden

    Committee in southern France. During her time there she has saved over nine women and children. She saved a little girl named Ginette Kalish who was only twelve years at the time by taking her in from her mother and father on a train, Kalish told Yad Vashem in their article (Women of Valor) about Gunden “At the time I was 12 and certainly scared, but Lois Gunden was kind and passionately determined to take me and these other Jewish children out of Rivesaltes to protect them from harm.” Gunden…

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  • The Film Hidden In Silence

    The film Hidden in Silence is based on a true story. In Przemysl, Poland, during WWII, the city comes under Nazi control. The Jews are sent to ghettos. Catholic teenager Stefania Podgorska (called Fusia in the movie) sneaks 13 Jews into her attic while raising her little sister. Every day, they risk execution--by smuggling food and water to the silent group living above them. The film is not very explicit in the violence against the Jews; instead, it conveys a message of hope for mankind,…

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  • Similarities Between To Kill A Mockingbird And Oskar Shindler

    Over 1000 Jewish laborers were spared during the horrors of the Holocaust by an undeniable hero, Oskar Schindler. In Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch is a tired lawyer who defends Tom Robinson, a falsely accused African American man. Atticus lives in a small town in Alabama dominated by traditional views and unspoken bitterness towards African Americans. Oskar Schindler lived in a postwar Germany where the Jewish population were defamed as the root of the nation’s…

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  • Evaluate The Validity Of The Holocaust

    Events that Prove the Validity of the Holocaust Throughout the 1940s, Nazi Germany was capturing the Jewish population from all over Eastern Europe. Concentration camps were a major cause of death during the Holocaust. This topic is important for the general public to be educated about because it will help promote worldwide education. Without the world knowing the consequences of dehumanization and genocide, history will only repeat itself. Holocaust revisionists believe that the Holocaust did…

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  • Risk Takers And Safe Keepers During The Holocaust

    -of-jews.html. “‘Women of Valor.’” Antonina Gordey - Stories of Women Who Rescued Jews During the Holocaust - Righteous Among the Nations - Yad Vashem, 2018, www.yadvashem.org/yv/en/exhibitions/righteous-women/gordey.asp. “‘Women of Valor.’” Ludviga Pukas - Stories of Women Who Rescued Jews During the Holocaust - Righteous Among the Nations - Yad Vashem, 2018,…

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  • Lodz Ghetto Research Paper

    Mitarbeiter, traurigkeit, leid, gedemütigt, verängstigt, terrorisiert, missbraucht, diskriminiert, and opfer are all German words that translate into words that describe what the Jews in the Lodz ghetto were and the feelings that they may have experienced. In order the words translate to workers, sadness, grief, humiliated, scared, terrorized, abused, discriminated, and lastly, victims. Jews were looked at as different and evil during the time period 1933 to 1945, also known as the time period…

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  • Edmund Schweser Research Paper

    Konrad Edmund Schweser was born in 1899, in Sulzfeld. Schweser was a mature father to three children. He took the job as an urban construction engineer at Ochsenfurt. He was mobilized by the Todt Organization, where he then served as a track-construction engineer. Konrad Edmund Schweser was a hero to many children during the hardships of the holocaust. The Jews were recruited by the Todt Organization, where they were managed by the SS and the Ukrainian auxiliaries in road…

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  • The Holocaust: Rosa Parks And The Civil Rights Movement

    saved Jews, while she was incarcerated in the Vittel camp in France. Jeanne Daman was a Belgian teacher who was outraged by the persecution of the Jews and joined a rescue network. Johanna Eck was a housewife who hid Jews in her small apartment. (Yad Vashem 1) Not only did Parks affect the world by her actions, but so did the victims of the Holocaust by how they spoke out to the world about what had happened to…

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  • Nicholas Winton's Involvement In The Holocaust

    and she wanted them to have the letters that they had written. She also contacted several museums and establishments to take in and exhibit the information. Finally, she got in contact with the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Israel. They were delighted to receive the items. Today, they are still at the Yad…

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  • Reflection On Polish-Jewish History

    1. How did your perspective of the Polish-Jewish past change during the project? Initially, I primarily excused the Poles and saw them as Germans' collaborators. However, during the project I have come to understand that many Poles took part in saving the Jews during the Holocaust. In addition, I learned that their situation sometimes was difficult too. It was a war after all. Thus, today it seems I less blame them as a whole, but rather understand that in each society there were good and…

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