Anton Sukhinski: A Tragic Hero

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Did you know that during the Holocaust up to six million Jews perished? The Holocaust was a tragic time where Jews were belittled into insignificant grains of salt that disappeared within the chilly snow of the night by their immoral suppressors called the Nazis. However, a man named Anton Sukhinski saved six people from a life full of torture and pain. Anton was able to use his kindness to become a hero to those people and to future generations, even though everyone he knew opposed his decisions.
The Holocaust was a tragic time, where those who were considered an “undesirable” by Hitler and his followers, the Nazis, lost their citizenship followed soon after by torture worse than death itself. If you were found as an undesirable or anyone who protected or sympathized with them you were considered a traitor and ridiculed. Before the Holocaust had ever started Anton was a kind man, despite being
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Even though his neighbors harassed and demeaned him, he was able to maintain his kind and gentle nature. During her testimony, Zipora Stock revealed her husband had once asked Anton, why he had taken her in, Anton’s response was, “God had told him… to save Jews (Rescued by the Righteous Among the Nations. Testimony of Tsipora Schindelheim, Yad Vashem)”. While the Holocaust was a tragic time Anton maintained his morals and took a ginormous risk to save those six people.
Even though six people may be a small number, it was six fewer victims of the Holocaust that would endure an experience that could tear anyone apart, experiences worse than death. Even though Anton was considered the town loser, he was able to become a savior for those whose life was at risk, an example for future generations to stand their ground for what they believe in, and a source of good even during that time of inhumanity. Anton Suhinksi saved only six lives, but those six lives were given the opportunity to do more and be

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