Analysis Of Teenagers Against Hitler By Lauren Tarshis

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The article, “Teens Against Hitler”, by Lauren Tarshis, describes the hardships of Ben Kamm, a Jewish boy, and his family, who like millions of other Jews, perished at the hands of the Nazis during WWII. Ben lived during one of the most terrifying and horrific historical events the world has ever seen, the Holocaust. He and his family managed to survive for a couple of months in the Warsaw Ghetto with a little help from family and friends. Ben had joined the partisans in hope of helping himself, his family, and other Jews. Though he lived through a horrific time he showed courage in a situation where others would have run in fear.

Germany’s leader Adolf Hitler was plotting the annihilation of 9.5 million jews in Europe. When Germany
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“They blew up factories, sabotaged railroads, stole weapons shipments, and upset the flow of supplies to German troops.” (8)They could be caught and, or get hurt during the process, but they still did it for the people. Ben snuck out and joined the Partisan. Ben had to leave his family behind not knowing what would happen to himself or them. Ben volunteered for dangerous missions blowing up cargo trains carrying supplies to German troops.They did what was right, even though there were consequences and this proves that he offered his life to others. There were brothers that fought German troops and ran sabotage missions, though their focus was protecting a community of around 1,200 jewish men,women, and children there was nothing they could about their family’s being murdered, so they stepped up to help others even though there were consequences.

There were many hardships during this time, but Ben faced it all. In fact Ben lived up until 2010. When the war ended in 1945, 49,000 Jews were left in the Warsaw Ghetto while most of the jews were eliminated, but Ben made it through, his family didn’t. When Ben was 24 years old, he got married, moved to America and he had two daughters and three grandchildren. He spoke at length about the war and how he felt, what he did, and what he said during the war. “I can’t forgive people who killed innocent babies, innocent women, innocent people,” he stated. “I was lucky I’m alive and can tell the story.”

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