Presidential Debate Pros And Cons

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Presidential Debate 2016
This was the first Presidential debate that I have watched. I know that it 's really important for an U.S. citizen, who is registered to vote, know what 's going on in the U.S. government to be able to make reasonable decisions when is time to do so. I wasn 't aware of what was going on until I watched the debate. I noticed that most of the students in class were talking about how boring the debate was, but to be honest for me it was pretty interesting because it gave me an update. I always knew that Trump was not a good candidate for the presidency, but the day of the debate, my thoughts about him were fully confirmed. Clinton did good in this debate, better than Trump. She knew how to respond to the questions very well, which made it seemed that she prepared for this day, and Trump didn 't.
I noticed that at the beginning of the debate, Trump seemed secure of what he was talking about, but when Clinton started to talk more about her ideas, he got lost. Lost in the sense that he didn’t know what to say. He was always saying things like, "that 's not true" or "wrong," but he barely defended his point of view of why it
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He also couldn 't stop mentioning President Obama in most of his arguments. Trump blamed Clinton about that fact that today the U.S. doesn 't have the money to build this country again. He talks about releasing his taxes if Clinton shows her emails. Clinton talks about Trump 's debt with Wall Street. She also talks about how Trump has never paid Federal taxes, and that was why he didn 't want to release them. My boyfriend and I had a conversation about this, and he says that there should be another reason behind this; for example, Trump doesn 't make the money that he says he makes. Clinton also mentioned the fact that Trump has stiffed too many people. So, they were constantly trying to make each other look bad instead of explaining their

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