Y chromosome

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  • Y Chromosome Evolution

    Y chromosome is a sex determine chromosome among many species including modern humans. Modern studies in genome suggested that Y chromosome arose from the accumulations of mutations of other chromosomes and have some special genes on it which determine the gender of the carrier; however, some non-mammalian animals carry the Y chromosome even if their genders are not determine by the appearance of the Y chromosome. The Y chromosome works differently on the mammalian and non-mammalian so in this paper when an aspect about Y chromosome is brought up, it well be discussed in both mammalian (use human as example) and non-mammalian (use Drosophila as example) case. The paper will mainly focus on three point: how Y chromosome originated; the function…

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  • Essay On Turner Syndrome

    Turner syndrome, also known as TS and gonadal dysgenesis, is a chromosomal deficiency affecting over two million women that occur when two of the X chromosomes in a female’s DNA are either incomplete or missing entirely. It usually becomes apparent when a female is only a few years old, or even shortly following her birth. The missing genetic material of the X chromosome keeps the female body from maturing on its own. Because Turner syndrome is different for every female and an individual…

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  • Francis Galton's Theory Of Nature And Nurture Of Criminals

    behavior are inherited as Galton once said. Therefore, in order to prove if nurture is the real reason behind a person’s decisions, it is necessary to investigate if nature also plays part of people’s destiny. One of the first theories in 1960s was that men that committed crimes had an extra Y chromosome. Initially, the idea that the Y chromosome defines man, and that men are more aggressive than women, resulted in the theory that an extra Y chromosome would increase males’ aggressiveness. The…

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  • Genetic Information Resources Assignment

    supported by the John Hopkins Medicine and a grant from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (Using OMIM, n.d.). Two Sex Chromosome Abnormalities The first sex chromosome abnormality chosen was Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome, also known as Trisomy 21, is a form of mental retardation caused by the triplicate state of the critical portion of chromosome 21 (TRISOMY 21, n.d.). The risk of having an infant with Trisomy 21 increase with maternal age. The if a 1 in 1,000 chance by age…

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  • X-Linked Ichthyosis Research Paper

    referred to as STS. Steroid sulfatase is an enzyme known for metabolizing cholesterol sulfate found in the skin of humans. When cholesterol sulfate is not broken down properly an accumulation occurs resulting in a build up of skin cells, resulting in tough, dry, scaly skin that can be embarrassing for the patient. X-linked ichthyosis is not fatal but there is also no form of treatment and diagnosis is difficult. Gene Product, Role in the Cell & Underlying Gene Locus STS gene is responsible…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Designer Babies

    organism 5. The new gene is then passed on from one generation to the next. (University of Nebraska) Each person has 46 unique chromosomes…

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  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    their spine is curvature surgery may be needed (Mayo Clinic, 2014). Epidemiology: Duchenne muscular dystrophy approximately affects 1 of every 5,600 to 7,700 males between the ages of 5 - 24. Females are very rarely affected by DMD, and will not have the dramatic signs like the males do. Although if they are carriers of the mutated chromosome, they possibly will experience small symptoms of weakness in their muscles. However there were cases reported where a female’s second chromosome is…

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  • Kleinfelter's Syndrome Research Paper

    All symptomatic males tested had a forty-seventh chromosome in their cells. Though this may seem like a minimal change beyond the norm, these are the instructions for how the body should develop and if anything is thrown off balance it could result in extreme anomalies. During a process called meiosis, a type of cell division, a sperm or egg may experience a critical error called nondisjunction where the sex chromosomes do not split correctly. When nondisjunction occurs, the sperm or egg will…

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  • Sexual Dimorphism: Basic Element Of Human Identity

    Sperm containing the Y chromosome with a properly functioning SRY gene determines male gender, and if contains the genetic material of the X chromosome is shaped female. The presence of the SRY gene is the basic criterion of gender gene in humans. Discovered in 1990 by a group of P. Goodfellow from the University of Cambridge ,SRY gene is called the "central switch of the masculinity" and is located on the short arm of the Y chromosome locus…

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  • Differences Of Mitosis And Meiosis

    number of chromosomes of the parent cell. The process of meiosis occurs…

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