The Pros And Cons Of Designer Babies

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Designer Babies are the Future
Designer babies will help reduce the amount of children born with genetic diseases.
What if one person has a trait that is immune to cancer? Wouldn 't we want to mass-produce that? Even if it was to insert it through a designer baby. Just as in Genetic engineering we can take out one gene and replace it with a better one. How that works: 1. Have an organism that naturally has that trait. 2. They take that trait out of the organism and clone it. 3. Fix it so that it will adapt better with the second organism 4. Then the new gene called a transgene is delivered into the new recipient organism 5. The new gene is then passed on from one generation to the next. (University of Nebraska) Each person has 46 unique chromosomes
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Could prevent - Down syndrome, Alzheimer 's, Huntington’s disease, and Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Inherited medical conditions reduced risk - obesity, anemia, diabetes, and cancer. It’s an option not a requirement. Government has no rights to restrict how the people choose to reproduce. Parents already control kids - Prenatal supplements, education, and religion. (The Pros and Cons of Designer Babies)
If not done right the embryo would accidentally be terminated. Parents could use it for superficial purposes. Could create Classes between societies. May affect the baby 's gene pool. Genes often have more than one use. (The Pros and Cons of Designer
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Another reason why it helps is that we can check that embryo to make sure that it is clean and doesn 't have any X-linked diseases. (Bailey) Many of the choices are harmless such as hair color and eye color. Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is simple wanting the child to have the best they can, just as a parent will teach there child to groom themselves. Restricting procreatice autonomy is a violation of our choices. (Brandon) With Designer babies scientists can extract defective mitochondria and put healthy mitochondria back in. Can now catch errors in number of chromosomes. Designer babies aren’t that unique in an ethical perspective, just as parents hire tutors, coaches and music lessons to get certain traits. A family really wants there kid to share the same hobbies " if they have four embryos and one has the perfect pitch trait, then why should they nit be able to choose that embryo?"

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