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  • Monkey King Poster Analysis

    In our era, the electronic culture is becoming increasingly highlighted,we can easily find that all aspects of our lives are becoming more and more visible. That is to say, we are experiencing a new cultural era, which means things that could not see in the past can be seen today. The development of the Internet and the emergence of high definition TV set show the visual culture is everywhere. Visual culture uses different media to present the diversification of visual effects, stimulating people 's senses to generate a visual feast, such as poster, advertising, photography, sculpture, film, music and game. These forms of presentation use elements including the theory of colours, advertising, semiotics, philosophy and psychology. Using a poster(see appendix 1), from a 3D animation film named ‘The Monkey King:Hero Is Back’ (Douban, 2015), this paper will present a detailed description of the poster, explain the information it conveys, illustrate the surficial denotation and the connotation,analysis messages the visual culture transmitted in this poster, and explore the visual perception of this poster and it’s market reaction. With reference to the composition, the layout is fairy simple: in the foreground, the Monkey King Sun Wukong holds a great golden cudgel, floating in the mid-air; In the mid-shot, a blue-green dragon hovers in the air, staring at the monkey king; In the background, it shows a fairyland which is similar to the stone forest in the Avatar: red brick,…

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  • Xuanzang New Translation Method Case Study

    However, in any case, many translation techniques when words are not suitable to be translated are taken into direct translation. Therefore the transliteration techniques in modern translation method are deeply affected by Xuanzang's "Five translation Rules". For example, "Coffee" and "Chocolate" in English has been directly translated in Chinese word. Xuanzang's translation theory has an important guiding significance on the development of modern Chinese translation business. In summary,…

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  • Sui Dynasty Research Paper

    During his rule was China’s high point in political and military power. During the Tang power other new things were brought to China from other places. For example, the game of Polo became popular in the Tang dynasty which was brought from Persia. A Christian church and other religions were also established in china during the Tang dynasty. Xuanzang had a very eventful life full of traveling. At around 618 CE Xuanzang and his brother leave their monastery in Luoyang and set out for Chang’an…

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  • Han Dynasty (Thasmia)

    bracelet, influenced cultural diffusion in China during the Han dynasty. The Silk Roads were not the only influence in cultural diffusion, colonization also affected cultural diffusion. To expand the Han empire, Chinese farmers were sent to colonized villages to settle and spread the Chinese culture by intermarrying the locals. In those colonized areas, government officials built schools to teach the locals of confucianism (Beck, 184-186). Religion It was during the beginning Qin period…

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  • Buddhism And The Eightfold Path

    having four doorways with thresholds of silver and covered by silken hangings.” These material goods, procured from the Eurasian trade networks, would have assisted to further stimulate the market in terms of sheer demand, since the extent of Islam was so great by the time of Ibn Battutah’s pilgrimage in 1326. In the same fashion, Buddhism also played to enhance the Silk Roads after it developed significant influence, and its widespread base of followers by the 2nd century CE provided it the…

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  • Buddhist Iconography

    Buddha, or may represent him in his final enlightened state (The Buddhas Face). A small country, formally known as the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, sits on the Indochinese peninsula neighboring Thailand. This little place shares Thailand’s distinct way of styling the Buddha. This is probably due to their close proximity. Japan is another country that views Buddhist Iconography in an original way. There, some bodhisattvas are shown as fierce and menacing. Their depictions are usually…

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  • Post-Classical Era Trade Networks

    existing or new networks of communication and trade. 3.1.III.A Military expansion and the activities of merchants and missionaries enabled Islam to expand from the Arabian peninsula to many parts of Afro-Eurasia. 3.1.III.B Merchants created diasporas communities where they brought their own cultural traditions. For example, the Muslim merchant communities in the Indian Ocean region, Chinese communities in Southeast Asia, Sogdian communities in Central Asia, and Jewish communities in the…

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  • The Voyeurs In Virtue Film Analysis

    poison and the remedy at the same time. And this metaphor of the pharmakon can be extended unto the whole film, since despite the fact that, as I have tried to show, it depicts and outlines the (im)power of a new image and a new cinema; the figure of the monk, its posture, and the incompossible world that exists within Walker can also be read differently. We can think about the posture of the monk, the way he carries his food and his suffering-like pace, as very similar to the postures of the…

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