Sui Dynasty Research Paper

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In the year 615, the Sui Dynasty is in distress as the emperor has been surrounded by the Türks, which was one of the 200 rebellion groups, at a place called Wild Goose Gate in northern Shanxi. Li Yuan (Duke of Tang), who is the maternal cousin of the Sui emperor, got word of this and led a rescue mission for his cousin. The rescue mission was successful and the Sui Emperor fled to his refuge in the south. The Sui emperor felt uneasy with his cousin so he sent two officers to keep watch of Li Yuan. Li Yuan started a rebellion against the Sui Empire and managed to take control of the Sui capital in 126 days. In the year 618 the Sui Emperor was killed by his own people which led to the fall of the Sui Dynasty and Li Yuan arose to the throne as the emperor of the new Tang Dynasty.
The second ruler of the Tang Dynasty was Tang Taizong. Taizong came to
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During his rule was China’s high point in political and military power. During the Tang power other new things were brought to China from other places. For example, the game of Polo became popular in the Tang dynasty which was brought from Persia. A Christian church and other religions were also established in china during the Tang dynasty.
Xuanzang had a very eventful life full of traveling. At around 618 CE Xuanzang and his brother leave their monastery in Luoyang and set out for Chang’an which was 200 miles away. According to the book When Asia Was the World it said that “China in 618 CE was no place for peaceful monks” (Gordon, p. 1) this was because this was right at the collapse of the Sui dynasty and there was war going on all around them. Once Xuanzang and his brother arrived in Chang’an they found what they were not looking for. There was no army or no emperor, so they kept walking for another 300 miles to the south until they arrived in Chengdu. They were very pleased to find a thriving Buddhist community here.

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