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    In our era, the electronic culture is becoming increasingly highlighted,we can easily find that all aspects of our lives are becoming more and more visible. That is to say, we are experiencing a new cultural era, which means things that could not see in the past can be seen today. The development of the Internet and the emergence of high definition TV set show the visual culture is everywhere. Visual culture uses different media to present the diversification of visual effects, stimulating people 's senses to generate a visual feast, such as poster, advertising, photography, sculpture, film, music and game. These forms of presentation use elements including the theory of colours, advertising, semiotics, philosophy and psychology. Using a poster(see appendix 1), from a 3D animation film named ‘The Monkey King:Hero Is Back’ (Douban, 2015), this paper will present a detailed description of the poster, explain the information it conveys, illustrate the surficial denotation and the connotation,analysis messages the visual culture transmitted in this poster, and explore the visual perception of this poster and it’s market reaction. With reference to the composition, the layout is fairy simple: in the foreground, the Monkey King Sun Wukong holds a great golden cudgel, floating in the mid-air; In the mid-shot, a blue-green dragon hovers in the air, staring at the monkey king; In the background, it shows a fairyland which is similar to the stone forest in the Avatar: red brick,…

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