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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Resource Description Framework

    "information about information") can incorporate the creators of the asset, date of creation or redesigning, the association of the pages on a site (the sitemap), data that portrays content as far as gathering of people or substance rating, watchwords for web index information accumulation, subject classes, et cetera. The Resource Description Framework will make it feasible for everybody to share Web website and different portrayals all the more effectively and for programming designers to fabricate items that can utilize the metadata to give better web crawlers and catalogs, to go about as astute operators, and to give Web clients more control of what they 're seeing. The RDF is a use of another innovation, the Extensible Markup Language (XML), and is being created under the sponsorship of the World Wide Consortium (W3C). A certain measure of metadata is as of now accommodated Web webpage assets utilizing the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). For instance, when we composed this page, we included HTML articulations containing essential words that portray the substance of this definition and that are utilized via web crawlers for indexing. We additionally included an one-sentence depiction that can be indicated via internet searchers. (These announcements, called META label explanations, are imperceptible to you unless you tap on this page and after that right-tap on "Perspective source"). Less formally, the "Made on" or "Redesigned on" date at the base of this definition is…

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  • Cloud Computing Attacks

    is an extension to Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). Rather than point-to-point security, SOAP offers end-to-end security by encrypting the message itself rather than the path using XML encryption. WS-Security also allows us to encrypt only part of a message, rather than the whole. However, WS-Security is not a perfect solution. WS-Security relies on XML security, which makes it vulnerable to XML wrapping attacks. In their paper “Vulnerable Cloud: SOAP Message Security Validation Revisited,”…

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  • 9/11 Reaction

    The biggest emotion that one would have on that day would have been fear. Once individuals found out it was a terrorist attack many thought the attacks were not over. Even Americans not in New York were in fear that their city was next. Also many felt sorry for America even in other countries like Australia were crying and saddened by your great tragedy that happened in America (“email686.xml,” September 11 Digital Archive, September 11). Some individuals had a lot of trouble dealing with these…

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  • End-Of-Chapter Quiz

    Excel Chapter 10: End-of-Chapter Quiz 1) Match each term with the correct definition (15 points) A group of commands that enable you to bring data from an Access database, from the web, from a text file, or from an XML file into Excel without repeatedly copying the data. Correct answer Get External Data Link to external data that automatically updates an Excel workbook from the original data whenever the original data source gets new information. Correct answer Data connection…

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  • Service Oriented Architecture Paper

    and protocols. There are two competing architectural styles for building web services: SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) based and REST (REpresentational State Transfer) based. SOAP is a W3C messaging protocol for exchanging information in web services. It is based on XML. The service interfaces are specified by a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and service discovery is done using UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration), which is also an XML-based specification for…

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  • Charter Bank Case

    well. In this situation World Wide would win because their security was first and it was filed with the Minnesota secretary of state first. The agreement included all the property listed on its Exhibit A list also with property of the debtor acquired after the agreement was executed. Reference: General Investment Corporation v. Angelini (1 Dec. 1970) Retrieved Mar. 21, 2012 from http://www.leagle.com/xmlResult.aspx?xmldoc=197029557NJ238_5119.xml&docbase=CSLWAR1-1950-1985 Holly Hill…

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  • Unit 1 Reflective Essay

    Unfortunately, a previous offline Flash Pro installation has caused issues, and by default, has persistently hidden the Apps tab. I shall spare my readers the pain of having to read every detail of my troubleshootings; suffice to say, that in the last lap, I stumble upon an adobe forum entry that has led me to a solution: that the CC manager is a xml-based application. This prompts me to search for a xml configuration file, and it is found (in my Mac) at: /Library/Application…

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  • Desk Management Case Study

    widely recognised as the ideal channel for mobile services. Through USSD portable operatives can offer highly cooperating and secure services. USSD is a term oriented service. The profits of USSD done together WAP and SMS are huge direct delivery ease of use works while roaming and inexpensive. USSD is now supported by nearly 90% of all GSM networks and by 100% of all GSM handsets. For this reason the demand for USSD enablers has grown. IN Switch offers stand alones Gateways that might be used…

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  • The Importance Of Human Behavior

    for the application like font size, background color, font color etc. In this case the application must remember this data in order to apply the settings each time the user starts the application. For this purpose, data must be stored permanently. We can store this data on a file, but since the data is small, so reading and writing to a file is not an efficient way since it takes more time. For this special case shared preferences are used because they are light weight and data reading and…

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  • Sub Disciplines Of Civil Engineering In Modern Society

    envisioning list things less appropriate in helper building data recovery structures. This paper mainly shows that granularity is a main believed that should be considered when measuring pertinence and envisioning request things in data recovery structures for stores of building course of action and headway content. It is conjectured that the design of frameworks with cautious respect for granularity would redesign modelers ' criticalness judgment lead. To test this theory, a model framework,…

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