M My Grandmother's Life Narrative

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experienced was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Her generation may all bond over that experience because they were alive when it occurred.
This theory of a personality life narrative is that individuals form an identity by putting their life experiences into an internalized, story of themselves. This provides the person with a sense of unity and purpose in life. A life narrative reflects on their reconstructed past, present time and imagined future. It tends to seem like a story. This story has characters, episodes imagery, setting, plot and them. It has a beginning, middle and end like a book. A narrative story pays attention to psychological adaptation and development. A person with a successful adaption tends to be more successful in life. People with these personalities evolve better and our happier because of their success.
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She began telling me about her more recent experiences. The more we talked the more she remembered the beginning of her story but she had to work from the top to the bottom to remember her experiences. The characters in her story consisted of her family, husband and pets. The “climax” of her story was when her grandchildren were born. At the end of the interview my grandmother seemed pleased looking back on her past as if she was able to tie everything together. When she was talking to me everything seemed so vivid. She used a lot of imagery. I noticed her plot was not organized she would bounce from one decade to the next. I think the reason is because when people bring up one memory it makes one remember another one. In fact afterwards she called me to tell me more because she started remembering things. Once she was able to tell me most of her memories she than organized them. She started with when she was younger, an adult and

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