Human Trafficking Interview Questions

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Interviewer: We are with participant VH11. Before we have the interview, I am just going to talk to you about the ground rules for the interview. It is meant to give you the opportunity to share your experiences of talking to your doctor or healthcare provider about human trafficking. Your opinions and perspectives are necessary for the interview and obviously you have knowledge that can help us better understand those who have experienced human trafficking and talked with their healthcare providers.

A complete honesty is needed in responding to questions. If something I am asking you is hard to understand, don’t hold back, you can ask me any questions and I will try to clarify anything. If there is a question that you are not comfortable
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Alexandria: Yes.

Interviewer: This is another similar question, what types of things do you think about when deciding to talk with your doctor or healthcare provider about human trafficking?

Alexandria: Basically, just not be treated differently or different procedures and just the same.
Interviewer: What types of things did you think about during the conversations, or actually, when you decided to talk to her about human trafficking? So, what were you thinking and did you appreciate that she acted a certain way or were you nervous or anxious?

Alexandria: I did appreciate that she was more understanding, so she wasn’t a but pushy, but she was definitely more understanding and I did appreciate that.

Interviewer: Where you nervous to talk to her about it?

Alexandria: Yeah, usually when I bring the subject up, because I have therapy and I am used to talking about it, but it is still nerve racking.

Interviewer: What do you see, as the pros of talking with your doctor or healthcare provider about human trafficking, like the
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Maybe she wasn’t emotionally ready for it, it might have been some harm done to her. For me, it wasn’t, just because I felt bad and that she wasn’t doing her job right.

Interviewer: What do you see as the negatives of talking with your doctor?

Alexandria: I don’t know, I feel like they are scared to even touch me and to be scared to even treat

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