Sociology Paper On Human Trafficking

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1) The problem I am discussing is "Human Trafficking". Human Trafficking is like modern day slavery. Many women, children, and even young men are sold into sex slaves. These human beans are no longer free. These victims are raped, beaten, and drugged. It is very sad what these victims go through on a daily basis. These people are forced into labor, forced marriages, and forced surrogacy. Human Trafficking is violating someone 's human rights, which is a crime. I choose this topic because I believe that this is a problem that has gone unnoticed by far too many people. I want to help make this problem be heard and something to be done about it. I hope that after you read my essay that you will have a clear picture of what human trafficking is …show more content…
Many people look at human trafficking for cheap labor. 68% are forced into labor, 22% forced into sex slaves, and 10% are state forced labor. (John Vanek, 2016). Labor trafficking is a bigger market than sex trafficking. There are many other reasons why these victims are being trafficking. Traffickers can use different levels of control over their victims cause these individuals to lose all control of their life 's. The victims are forced or tricked into doing whatever they are told to do. The victims are silenced and that is why I would like people to be aware of what is going on. I want to give their voices a chance to be heard again. Some people thing that these victims cause this on their own when in fact, most of these victims are kidnapped. Most of the victim 's lack education, live in poverty and have ineffective governments. The traffickers take victims that they think no one will miss. 15.4 (74%) million victims are over the age of 18. There are 5.5 (26%) millions of children under the age 18 are victims of human trafficking …show more content…
A system- blame approach looks at our governments approach on human trafficking and how the structure of our society is set up causes our social problem to occur. In 2005 human trafficking had a 32-billion-dollar profit from selling victims (Polaris project, 2009) and another source said it was 150-billion-dollar profit in 2014. In the third world, countries like India have very weak laws to stop human trafficking. Nepal 's 2008 Human Trafficking and Transportation Act has also failed to prevent human trafficking, so after looking at some of these failures makes you see why someone would blame the

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