Human Trafficking And Prostitution

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Human Trafficking and Prostitution in The United States
Human trafficking and prostitution is a social problem that many people in the United States are uncomfortable talking about because of the nature of the issue. However, it is extremely important that Americans begin to discuss the concerns that the rise in human trafficking and prostitution has created. While the social problem affects mostly women, many people are unaware of the men that fall victims. Americans, as well as other people around the world, need to discuss the problems that human trafficking and prostitution can create for children and adults. Statistics have shown that many people are affected by human trafficking and that even more people work as prostitutes. I believe
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Human trafficking can often be done in secret, and many prostitutes feel ashamed or embarrassed by their work. However, the information that I was able to find shows that both issues are much more common than many people realize. According to ARTICLE, “during 2003, 1400 youth were arrested for prostitution and commercialized vice. Of these youth, 69 percent were female…”(CITE). While this information may have been gathered quite a few years ago, it points out the fact that men are also affected by prostitution. 31 percent of the youth that were arrested were males, which would come as a surprise to most people because prostitution is often viewed as a social problem for women. Another significant piece of information that was brought up from this statistic is that the number of prostitutes arrested was a 31 percent increase from the arrest numbers in 1994 (CITE). The alarming increase in arrests shows that more young Americans are being lured into …show more content…
Because many prostitutes were victims of violence or human trafficking as children, they did not get to receive the education that is necessary in order to obtain well-paying jobs. Therefore, if communities can set up programs that would allow people who were victims of prostitution to receive a high school or college education, they would be more likely to get jobs that would allow them to make money without having to be a prostitute. Communities can also create jobs for people who have been victims of prostitution and other sex crimes. Education and better career opportunities are two things that could help eliminate prostitution in our communities. Overall, I believe that human trafficking and prostitution are both social problems that put our country at risk. With better education and opportunities for prostitutes and other victims of sex crimes, we can work to end these threats. Many people turn to prostitution because they feel that it is the only option that they have, so we need to work together as a country to provide them alternative

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