Human Trafficking And Slavery

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To many the word slavery in today’s society means something that has happened in the past. But yet, the reality is that slavery still goes around in the world and it might even be bigger than what is used to. Human trafficking is one of the biggest human violations there is because basically the freedom of the victim is being taken away and used against them. Human trafficking is parallel to what the American slavery looked like back in the 18th and 19th century. Human trafficking basically exploits vulnerable women and the youth for a profit and they do not care about the individual. There are many great stories about human trafficking and how it affects children every single day. The one story that stood up to me about human trafficking …show more content…
The best way to get rid of human trafficking in my mind is to spread the issue far and wide in the news and get support from every nation to get involved in cases to help shut down this issue. Another way to help this issue is to put pressure to the governments so they can crack down on their law enforcement and legislatures to make a better and stricter policy rules towards human trafficking, and they also have to establish some programs that will fund the mental and physical health services to the victims, also to establish education, job training, and protection from the criminals who trafficked them. All the nations should work together to prevent and eliminate trafficking, and we should create actions to reach out and improve the lives of the …show more content…
People have no voice to try to get out. It does not matter how hard these people try to say anything or something they can’t, the situation just get worse for them. Me having two sisters it really does hurt me to hear that that many women are the target of human trafficking. The problem of human trafficking is still a big problem because it is going on all over the world but more in poorer countries than us. All the offenders of trafficking know who to target and they usually target those that do not have any resources to do something about this particular issue. It continues to mark women because they have realized that many women are seen as being weak and not being able to do much to protect themselves. I would not want anybody close to me to be going through something that is this terrible. Human trafficking basically downgrades all these women that are victims. Human trafficking is still a huge issue that not many people are aware of. Which is this there would not be nothing done to protect these poor children and women. People really do need to get themselves informed about the big issue that many people around the world get affected by every single

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