Examples Of Early Childhood Observation

Childhood Observation
I completed my observation on Friday, October 7th. My observation took place at Forest Park Jr/Sr. High School in Ferdinand, Indiana. I went to this school because it is the school I attended for junior high and high school. Since we are a smaller town and do not have as many kids, our junior high school is in the same building as our high school. I walked into Mrs. Hawkins seventh grade math class. I planned on starting my observation at 8:00 am which is when school started. I got there a little early so no students were in the classroom yet. I knew from experience that the kids were waiting in the cafeteria until it was time to start class. I took this time to talk and catch up with my old teacher.
Soon after talking,
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When Mrs. Hawkins told the kids to pair up with somebody else, excitement over took them. They joyfully found their partner and waited for further instructions. As they listened to what they had to do, I looked at the groups, I saw that most of the boy partnered with boys and most of the girls partnered with girls. Each group was given a white board and dry erase marker. Their task was to work together on problems that were slightly harder than the previous ones they did on the board. Mrs. Hawkins put the first problem on the projector and the pairs began to work on it. After a few minutes a couple groups began to finish and talk. As the time went on the voices grew louder and louder as more groups finished. They quieted down when Mrs. Hawkins put the second and last problem on the projector. Again, this problem was more difficult than the previous ones. The groups worked on this problem longer then the first one. Eventually a couple groups finished and Mrs. Hawkins walked to the front of the room to go over the answers. They finished going over the answers and then the students returned to their original seats. There was about 15 minute left in class so Mrs. Hawkins moved on to the

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