Example Of Childhood Observation

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Childhood Observation
I completed my observation on Friday, October 7th. My observation took place at Forest Park Jr/Sr. High School in Ferdinand, Indiana. I went to this school because it is the school I attended for junior high and high school. Since we are a smaller town and do not have as many kids, our junior high school is in the same building as our high school. I walked into Mrs. Hawkins seventh grade math class. I planned on starting my observation at 8:00 am which is when school started. I got there a little early so no students were in the classroom yet. I knew from experience that the kids were waiting in the cafeteria until it was time to start class. I took this time to talk and catch up with my old teacher.
Soon after talking,
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Hawkins went back to her desk to grab her stuff for the lesson, the student started to talk again and got louder and louder until she returned to the front of the room. She teaches a math class so most of her days are lecture based learning. She started the day’s lecture on factoring off by doing a problem involving the concept. The kids followed along, as she went. To keep the students engaged, Mrs. Hawkins asked questions regarding the problem. When she asked a question, hands went up. The students did not blurt out answers but instead waited patiently for the teacher to call on them. When a student answered a question correctly, Mrs. Hawkins showed appreciation and positive reinforcement to the child. I could tell that some of the students did not want to raise their hand and looked uncomfortable when she asked a question. I wondered if they did not know the answer or just did not want to say it in front of the class. One of the kids I noticed doing this was sitting in front of me with his back to me. When Mrs. Hawkins asked the next questions and the kids wrote down their answers, I discreetly peeked over the young boy’s shoulder to see if he answered the problem correctly. Again, Mrs. Hawkins asked if anybody had the answer and hands shot up, however; he kept his hand down again and looked at his paper. I concluded that he was probably so afraid of saying the wrong answer to the class that it made him uncertain of his answer. Some of the other kids were not …show more content…
I believed that Pavlov’s study with the ringing bell and the dogs salivating compared to the ringing bell and the kids getting quiet or leaving depending on which one it was. The students put class time and the bell together, so when they are in class and the bell rings they instantly get up to leave class without even knowing what time the clock says. Likewise, when they are talking and waiting for class to begin and the bell rings, they quiet down without being told to do

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