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  • Sexual Assault On College Campuses Essay

    There is not an epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses. There is an epidemic of sexual assault nationally among all young people – college students or not. When addressing sexual assault on college campuses, it is vital to note that this is not a problem unique to institutes of higher learning1. Therefore, strategies to address sexual assault on campuses must include interventions that go beyond the isolated systems of universities. To date, the majority of prevention interventions are…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey Of A Social Event

    this past August. As of August, I officially moved into my first college dorm room in order to start the path to my future. By doing so, I have given myself the opportunity to be educated at a higher level than high school, which will allow me to learn all that I need to in order to be successful and eventually work in the career of my dreams. However, this isn’t any college dorm room I moved into. This is one of many college dorm rooms that lie in Lincoln Residence Hall on the campus of the…

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  • The Importance Of Rules And Regulations At Winston Salem Prep

    student does not respect any of these, they should get a D1 referral, and should be sent to ISS, unless they don’t want to do it because of their religion. Students should remind each other to be silent during these announcements. Teachers should also state to be silent before the announcements start. The reason for this is so students listen to the important information in the announcements. Do not use profanity at school! Do not curse in any other language either. Profanity just demonstrates…

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  • Effects Of Urban Bullying Essay

    Sum Q Assignment 6 The Urban/Suburban articles focus on bullying factors that may have similar or different effects of urban, suburban and rural students. Bullying is a serious issue that’s growing throughout the United States and needs awareness and prevention programs to combat the issue. Studies were conducted in both articles to analyze the similarities and differences of bullying in the three geographical areas. The study conducted in Mississippi consisted of eight schools to see if there…

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  • Why I Want To Pursue My Future Career Goals

    Driving through the Western University gates on Richmond Street in the Fall of 2011 was my first glance into a place I would soon call my home; although, I did not know it at first. As an impressionable 17-year-old, I did not have a clue as to what I was looking for in a university. I felt a variety of emotions when touring Western during my last year of high school, including, but not limited to, excitement, insecurity, anxiety, and confusion. Such a large campus overwhelmed me; however, I…

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  • Grade Inflation Argumentative Essay

    College students are no longer working hard to get a good grade in class because they have become accustomed to getting higher grades than they deserve. Grade inflation is the main cause of this way of thinking. Unsurprisingly, grade inflation in schools has become a subject that some have chosen to argue. An article entitled, “Grade Inflation Gone Wild,” by Stuart Rojstaczer, a former professor of geophysics at Duke University who has a PhD in Applied Earth Science, publisher of a book…

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  • Why Students Fail Out Of College

    College is a fun, exciting, and challenging experience for most students, but for some, it is simply too much to handle. It’s not surprising enough to hear about a student “flunking out” of college! Each year a large number of students fail out of college in the United States. The figure is pretty dramatic; It’s been estimated that more than 300,000 students drop out of either high school or college; however, the impact of this can lead to a depletion of students’ dignity and can have a serious…

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  • The Russian Education System

    Modern society places the responsibility for the comprehensive development of an individual on the education system - specially designed public social institution with an organized system of relationships and social norms that meet the basic needs of society and the requirements of the socialized individual. The education system is individual for each country. While Canadian schools are known worldwide for its academic excellence and exceptional programs to learn English or French as a second…

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  • Campus Is Attacked, The Others Adapt By Motoko Rick: Article Analysis

    Colleges and universities are the right target for gunmen. As we read on the article “After One Campus Is Attacked, the Others Adapt” by Motoko Rick, he explains how these predator scared the community by sending threats of possible attack in colleges and universities. Motoko gives some tips and good strategies to keep the students and staff safe; by hiding, running, fighting and using high technology are some example of what he talks on his article. Even though with these sources that he…

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  • The Achievement Of Desire, By Richard Rodriguez

    educated. I would constantly judge them for not speaking English and not being able to help me in my difficult path to college. I had to do everything by myself and I always thought that I was the only reason for my success. My parents would try to persuade me to go to a community college close to home and I refused. Not only did I feel like I worked too hard to just attend a community college, I wanted to cut all ties from my family. I knew that if I stayed with my family, my life wouldn’t…

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