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  • One Hundred Live And Die Analysis

    is an intricate piece combining the world of high art and the low art of advertisement using word play. It is a work containing one hundred words, fifty with “live” following them and fifty with “die,” in neon lights that light up individually, in rows, and then all together, creating visual patterns. The word combinations include actions, emotions, and colors. One Hundred Live and Die uses the game of language to leave the meaning of the work open for interpretation from the viewers and allows room for conversation. One Hundred Live and Die is a large wall installation that is 118 x 132 1/4 x 21 inches, consisting of neon tubing mounted on four metal monoliths. The intense neon words make it…

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  • The Importance Of Language In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    Stephen Decatur High School/Ninth Grade/General English Class/15 students/90-minute lesson This lesson is part of a larger unit that focuses on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. This lesson would come after the students had read the entire book. During the time of the reading we would have determined major themes, plot points, etc. I would have assisted students with confusing language and started a conversation about interpreting Shakespeare’s works by explaining his play on words and the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Childhood Apraxia Of Speech

    kingdom. I believed the sand castles had become a permanent part of the world and would be there forever. The inevitable waves soon came and attacked the kingdom taking every last piece of grain back into the ocean. As child I suffered from a speech impediment called Childhood Apraxia of Speech; it is a motor speech disorder. Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech have problems saying words,…

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  • How Reading Changed My Life

    when I read my first word at a coffee cart in Denver, and since then I have enjoyed reading books of all sizes. I don’t remember my parents reading novels when I was younger, but I do remember being read to as a young child while I at a snack before bed. Once I was a second grader I picked up books from the American Girl Doll Series and I read those chapter books at night before bed. After each book that I finished I would write a summary of what I read in a journal that my mom bought me, and…

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  • Krag's Second Language Observation

    Miss Krag uses the make your day behavioral program: “No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, or well-being of others. The teacher’s goal is for the children to learn how to write a correct sentence by Christmas. She uses a lot of gestures, direct instruction, she stops and explain difficult words while she talks, how words can have different meanings. Miss Krag said that her job is to teach formal English not the informal that they may learn in the street. Other…

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  • Phonological Medley Analysis

    syllable compound words. This lesson model assists students in becoming familiar with blending, deletion and segmentation. It is presented on chapter five titled Phonological Awareness and the lesson is on page 132. 2. Why did the approach appeal to you? What did you like about it? Why would you recommend it to other teachers? The phonological medley is a highly interactive lesson that gives students the opportunity to learn through tactile and visual elements. Students are given word cards…

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  • Summary Of Guinness: Wheelchair Basketball By Noam Murra

    A group of six strong men, participate in a passionate game of wheelchair basketball. The soft, beautiful notes in the background, ascend into the air and stay there. As the game ends and the group of men leave the gym together, a man’s deep, determined voice says, “ dedication, loyalty, and friendship”. “Guinness:Wheelchair Basketball”, by director Noam Murra, incorporates all the sounds and emotions that show above. This commercial was released September 2013 on tvs everywhere across the…

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  • Phonemic Segmentation

    two students during whole class instruction I have drawn various conclusions on both the students strengths and weaknesses. Student A excels at being able to tap out sounds within a three sound word, as student B is able to tap out the individual sounds of words with 4-5 sounds in them. These activities however acted as review for the students being as they were exposed to these concepts in kindergarten. During whole class instruction I have noticed that student A lacks in properly matching…

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  • Knowledge Building Cycle Plan

    (Add Excel File Here) Introduction of target words During the introduction to the big idea, the students would participate in an actual survey about their own waste consumption during the lunch hour. While discussing the results…

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  • Word Definition Essay

    no one ever muttered a word. No one talked during breakfast, getting ready for school, after school, at dinner, or even before bed. There were no books around to read or a television set around blaring cartoons or educational shows. How would one’s vocabulary develop or increase if that were the case? Now imagine a household where talking amongst family members was always occurring. Parents were waking up asking their children “How did they sleep last night?”, stressing to them the importance of…

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