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  • The Importance Of Written Work Process

    begin with, word processors license adaptable altering of content. Second, the deceivability of the screen and the utilization of a console make composing more open. Third, they give flawless, printed duplicate. Fourth, they change the physical procedure of creating content, supplanting penmanship with writing. At last, word processors are mind boggling instruments that require some learning. That study showed that students use different composing and revising strategies depending on whether they are indicting with computer or with pen and paper, fortifying the findings of numerous other researchers (as noted in a review of research by Cochran-Smith, 1991). In my study, students culled the medium (i.e., computer versus pen and paper) in which they composed essays, typically verbalizing reasons for their predilection in a subsequent interview. The expositions they composed were then interpreted to the next arrangement (i.e., from transcribed to word handled or from word prepared to written by hand), and all papers were scored via prepared peruses. We found that interpreted articles were scored bring down paying little respect to the medium of arrangement, recommending that peruses maybe delicate to misfortunes in implying that outcome from the interpretation process. This maybe a noteworthy shortcoming in studies that examine interpretations of understudy work.…

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  • What Are Computers A Detriment To Children?

    should learn a word processor, manipulate a spreadsheet, or to know how a database works. The author also talks about how schools make a big deal about students learning word processing. However, he points out that it is relatively easy learn a word processor and can be learned in a day or so. The author also says, “Computer literacy doesn’t demand the same level of instruction as English, American history, or physics. It doesn’t require the same amount of effort, either. Spending semesters…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Future Of Technology

    hard drive. 500GB is more than I think that I will need but I would rather be safe than sorry! When I was deciding what computer to buy I searched for different types and models using Google, from there I was able to find all the information I needed to make an educated decision. I also bought a flash drive so that I can have my school work saved in a backup location. I will also use the flash drive if I am on campus and need to save something on a school computer to then later open on my…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Different Generations

    alarm to wake them up, but today, most people don’t even worry about that thought at all. In addition, most people take Google and the Internet for granted. Today, most people go straight to Google to look for information. Usually, if a high school student has to write an essay for a class they go right to Google. In roughly .04 seconds they have the exact answer they need. In the past, if a student needed sources to write an essay they would have to go to the library and go through an…

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  • How Computers Change The Way We Think Sherry Turrkle Analysis

    Instead of composing on paper, word handling makes it less demanding to modify content, improve sections, and adjust the shape and tone of a piece. Turkle also makes note that word processing can likewise make a bad writer worse since one can rapidly fill a page with content without thinking if it makes sense or not. Turkle states, “The idea of thinking ahead has become exotic”(Turkle 3), meaning it’s rare that you find writers who know what they are doing ahead of time. She uses support from a…

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  • Personal Reflection: My Transition From Community College To University

    To the job site I brought in proficient computer skills including technical and software aspects. During my time at a Community College, I learned and advanced capabilities in Microsoft Office programs including Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access (database software). I believe this was an advantage when making the transition from Community College to University because I would be able to use advanced features in these programs to help me excel in projects and assignments. On…

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  • Technology In The Workplace

    By dividing messages into multiple channels, clients and business partners are able to more quickly receive information vital to business practices – in other words, time is money, and by saving time, companies can save money. The technologies that companies utilize in order to save money include smartphones and computers. Nowadays, mobile smartphones can do a variety of things – act as a compass, tell you the weather, provide internet access, and take photos and videos, among many other things.…

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  • Why Is Writing So Important?

    Forget the image of the lone developer, sitting alone in a room coding on a Matrix-like black and green screen. No matter the code produced, developers need to be not only good oral communicators, they must also be able to write well. But we all struggle to use the language correctly and in a business where teams have developers with different native languages (my first language is Portuguese) we all need some help. In this post, I 'll provide an overview of some techniques and tools that…

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  • Powerlessness In The Poem Hide And Seek

    In the poem Hide and Seek, the poet explores the power of the child’s arrogance, as he believes he is clever and therefore powerful. For instance, when he says the people searching for him must ‘think’ he is ‘very clever’, as well as describing them as ‘puzzled’. The word ‘clever’ demonstrates his self-confidence in his intelligence and he thinks he is one step ahead of them, which leads him to believe he has obtained power over them. However, this is thus contradicted later on, as he is then…

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  • Effects Of Using Microsoft Word

    Students have grown accustomed to computer word processor like Microsoft word. Some effects of using Microsoft word can be very useful for a student and some effects may not. It is much less stressful to write a paper on Microsoft word than it would be to write it with pen and paper. Today’s technology has help and is still helping student’s today complete assignments for school with the help of computer technology. The use of Microsoft word makes it easy to correct errors and make simple…

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