What Are Computers A Detriment To Children?

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Computers are useful in the classroom however, the argument is when and where is computers a detriment to children when it comes to learning. Are computers taking the place of teachers? My audience are common people for example parents, or teachers. An answer to the question when and where is computers a detriment to children. In some cases, yes computers are a detriment to children because, if they are taught to just type on a computer they won 't know the basics of writing on paper by hand. I think at a certain age children should know how to write by hand however, there is room for computers for learning now and in the future. To answer the question are computers taking the place of teachers. No in fact computers can help teachers even more …show more content…
Talks about weather, or not computers can and should be in the classroom. He contends that there are still some people who are not for the recent change in the classroom. Skinner says, “Still not all computer – ed advocates are equal in their devotion to technology. On the maniacally zealous end of the spectrum, there are educators who want to introduce computers as early as kindergarten and first grade. The less radical computer – ed advocates are content to introduce computers at the high – school level. Even then, however, the importance of using computers for academic study is highly dubious” (Skinner). “A little above a third of computers used in elementary schools is devoted to technical mastery of the computer, sense the study of software programs and typing. This portion of usage increases in middle schools and high schools where technical mastery accounts for 45 percent of computer usage” (Skinner). Stephanie Boles discusses in her article, Using Technology in the Classroom, the use of technology tools in a more modern schoolroom, and reflects at how they have been part of the ordinary experiences of today’s students. She notes that the most important use of technology in her classroom is the Internet, and expounds on how she uses it as a virtual science textbook with numerous benefits (Boles). “She focuses on many science websites, which include animation that make concepts clearer to students by

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