Pencil Grip Essay

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The pencil grip is a low- tech assistive technology for children and adults who struggle with writing and correct pencil grip. The device can fit on pencils, pens, crayons and all writing tools and has been said to be “easy to use and comfortable”. The Pencil Grip increases comfort, teaches proper hand positioning, and improves control. Its ergonomic design also provides relief of hand fatigue and pain. Both right handed and left handed individuals can use it. Students place their fingers on either the L or R on the device.
Skills Needed to Use Device (Cognitive, Gross Motor and Fine Motor Skills) Students need to be able to place their fingers on their pencil, grip the pencil and be able to write using the pencil. The student does not complex
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Companies such as amazon sell six packs of pencil grips for a little over ten dollars. The company The Pencil Grip sells pencil grips for a dollar and 79 cents a piece. Pencil grips do not need to set up and replacing them is easy and cheap. Students do not necessarily need to be trained to use the device, but best practice would dictate that classroom teacher, special education teacher or OT help the student practice using the device correctly to ensure maximum benefits for the student.
Personal Experience with the Device
I have fine motor difficulties in my hand and I do not hold my pencil the correct way. I was evaluated for using a pencil grip but never did and a result my handwriting is poor and my hand hurts from long periods of writing. I haven’t seen many students with my clinical experience using them, but from what I’ve read they seem like they would be an easy to use tool.
Medium Tech Device: Neo Alpha Smart Portable
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The device consists of a microphone that transmits the sound from the speaker to the receiver, which transmits sound to a person’s hearing aid, cochlear implant, headset, or ears if used a full classroom setting. It makes the sound and gets rid of all background noise. It amplifies the sound so everyone that needs to hear it, can. An FM system is easy to use because it is small, portable and very durable. If a student is using a headset, the student is free to walk around the room and even leave the room and is still tuned in the broadcast. The system can also be used both indoors and

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