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  • Søren Kierkegaard Existentialism

    Søren Kierkegaard was born on May 5, 1813 in the Copenhagen, Denmark. Kierkegaard’s father was Michael Pederson Kierkegaard a very prosperous wool merchant who also influenced Kierkegaard’s religious beliefs growing up by raising him according to Christian Tradition. (Swenson) This upbringing by his father may have also contributed to his personality and writing style as both Søren and his father could be described as melancholy people. Kierkegaard was also influenced in his writings by the…

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  • How Did Culture Change Columbus Day

    It does not matter how “great” and “influential” he was, he wiped out an entire people. In 1451, Christopher Columbus (known in Italy as Cristoforo Colombo) was born in Genoa, Italy. He was born in a nice middle class family, whose father was a wool weaver. He was a normal man, until he started voyaging to Africa and the “New World”. What most people don’t realize is that much of what they know about Columbus is a lie. He never set foot in what is now known as America, and he wasn’t the…

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  • Ideas That Changed Fashion Essay

    Over the years fashion has changed and shaped with the times, but what drives these changes in fashion? Harriet Worsley’s Book 100 Ideas That Changed Fashion discusses one hundred of the most influential ideas that shaped fashion from the classics, such as the Little Black Dress, to clothing that is currently worn as everyday casual, such as sneakers. Fashion has come along way and throughout the one hundred ideas discussed in Worsley’s book reoccurring themes tend to pop up among the ideas. War…

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  • How Did Black Death Start

    Black Death: The Disease that wiped out Europe What exactly was the disease that killed millions of European people? Many centuries ago, an outbreak called the Black Death spread rapidly across Europe. Back then they had no cure, so stopping the disease seemed nearly impossible. The Black Death was one of the deadliest outbreaks ever in history, and it left Europe in crumbling pieces. Believe it or not, the Black Death could have not been so terrible if a certain coincidence would not have…

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  • Essay On Sun Bear

    about in class. I hope that you enjoy learning about this animal, because I did. Sun Bears are very interesting animals, and here are some of the characteristics that make them that way. A Sun Bear’s fur is often times black, short, and has some under-wool. Other Sun Bears can have red or even gray fur. On the chest of a Sun Bear you will see that there is a cream colored patch, sometimes with spots on it. The chest fur can be other colors, aswell, but you oftentimes see it to be cream.The…

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  • Keivlar Research Paper

    burned, there is no dripping. Dripping is a common issue with other organic fibers. Thicker the fibre, greater the glow time, however the burn length does not change based on thickness or glow time. When burned, Kevlar produces combustion gases like all wool does. Most if the time produces carbon dioxide. Based on the burning conditions, carbon monoxide, small amounts of hydrogen cyanide, and other toxic gases may also be…

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  • George Orwell's Society: Similarities Between 1984 And Today

    1984 Versus Today A dystopia is something that most of us do not believe will occur in our society, but there are already occurrences in modern society that seem like something out of a dystopia. The novel 1984 explores the possibility of our society being completely controlled by the government. In 1984, the government of Oceana (previously London) maintains complete control of their citizens through limiting their thoughts and restricting basic necessities, and there are also examples of…

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  • The Importance Of Feudalism

    MIP-1) Feudalism was one of the most important parts of the middle ages. (SIP-A) Feudalism was based on how the lord exchanged land for military service. (STEWE-1)He could give as little as 10 acres. He can also give 1000 acres (A Smith ). Some of these peasants were given or rented their own sections of the estate to work and live on, but the peasants can not own land. The land is owned by the lord or the vassal (A Smith ). (STEWE-2) in return the king would be safe from all the…

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  • A Short Story Of Dishonesty: The Dry Skull Gang

    ‘Dishonesty is the quickest means to wealth! That’s why we are hardened criminals!’ This was the philosophy of Sam and Lawrence, rascals of the most feared Dry Skull Gang. They had large knife scars across their faces denoting membership to this gang which bore testimony to their ruthlessness. And this was their anthem: ‘The rich get richer by exploiting the poor so we have to steal from them in turn.’ These criminals were born and brought up badly within a crime-ridden environment called…

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  • Art Summary: The Unicorn Is Found

    The Unicorn Is Found, is a miraculous tapestry that hangs in The Metropolitan Museum Of Art in New York. (Stokstad and Cothren). Unfortunately, the place of origin and the artist for this piece is unknown. It is composed of wool, silk, and metal threads, forming this 12-foot by 12-foot textile. This tapestry incorporates many human figures surrounding a simple fountain. The figures carry weaponry and shields, suggesting that these humans are on a hunt. They congregate together behind the…

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