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  • Rebellion In The Roman Empire

    The Roman games are consistently viewed in modern times as a glorified form of ancient entertainment complete with chariot races, gladiator fights and the Circus Maximus. A well-known spectacle that has been consistently reproduced in pop culture, the Roman Circus combined has a much darker background than a mere form of entertainment. Combined with the grain dole, the Roman Circus games, known as Panem et circenses, or bread and circuses were a form of appeasement and distraction used to…

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  • The Importance Of Black Culture In America

    In the crazy melting pot that we call America, we have many diverse groups. From these different cultures America picks and chooses who, what, and when to accept these cultures. Black Culture is one that America loves to play games with. "America Loves and accepts black culture, but not black people themselves!” Personally I agree with this statement completely. When one starts to take a look at black culture in America, they usually start with the fashions associated with African Americans.…

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  • The Papa's Clothing

    The Papas’ Clothing The rising start of the Papas began in 700 B.C.E in the land of Papaland. The Papas were mostly known for trading their natural resources with other cultures and had become very wealthy, they are also known for conquering the Fries, creating weaponry used for war, created the Cloaca Maxima (also known as a sewer pipe that drains the swamp), had created the Arch, and had metal workers that founded iron. Papas’ clothing was a great influence towards…

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  • Raynaud's Disease Research Paper

    Raynaud’s disease (pronounced ray-NOHZ) is named after Maurice Raynaud, a French physician who first recognized the condition in 1862. It is a disease that affects the circulatory system. The disease makes the extremities of your body such as your toes and fingers feel numb and or cold, it can also affect your nipples, ears, lips, nose and penis. Symptoms of Raynaud’s usually occur when one is under stress or when they are cold. Raynaud’s disease is also known as Raynaud’s phenomenon or…

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  • Ode To My Socks Poem Analysis

    Ode To My Socks/The Waking In the poem “Ode To My Socks”, is devoting his feelings about the socks Maru Mori gave to him as a present. The author, Pablo Neruda explains in many metaphors how the socks appeal to the one who received them with such admiration. This poem is a free verse, since it does not have a rhyme, nor tone to it. Although in the end, the narrator ends up happily wearing the socks, and gives a moral in the end. According to the beginning of the poem, it can see that the…

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  • Theories Of Nullification

    Forbidding the collection of duties in state, favoring manufacturing over commerce and agriculture. The South saw these tariffs as damage to their lifestyle and economy. The tariff of 1816 placed a 20-25% tax on all foreign goods, of 1824 35% on imported wool, cotton, hemp, and iron, of 1828 increased nearly 50% (1832). Legislature made Robert Hayne governor and John C. Calhoun as Senator. Calhoun current VP, relocates to defended South Carolina nullification on floor. Theories of Calhoun would…

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  • Disadvantages Of International Trade

    Businesses within their nation produced goods based on their regions suitability. For example, Portuguese are better producers of wine due to their climate compared to English woolens. The English had ideal conditions for raising sheep and getting wool for clothing. Thus competitive…

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  • The Watson Go To Birmingham: Movie Analysis

    In 1995, Christopher Paul Curtis published a novel titled “The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963,” and in 2013, Jim Bechtold, Philip K. Kleinbert, and Brian Wells released the movie version of it. The novel received the John Newbery Medal and the Golden Kite Award for Fiction; based on google books, it got 4 out of 5 stars for recommendation. This wonderful book about a family going towards the Southern America First and the foremost, both in the movie and book, the Watsons’ family was the main…

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  • Plastic Paradise By Angela Sun: Film Analysis

    The documentary 'Plastic Paradise' released in April 22, 2014 directed by Angela Sun, shows the effects, plastic has on the environment. This documentary is effective in multiple ways. Their Facts are very well their strongest suit, second most effective is the emotional appeal they have shown, however their least effective are the interviewers. Plastic harms the ocean and its inhabitants, which also affects the people because they eat what has been in the ocean. Plastic has been in the marine…

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  • Giotto Similarities Between Florence And Jan Van Eyck

    Giotto di Bondone, of Florence, and Jan van Eyck, of Bruges were both revolutionary artist during the Late Gothic and Early Renaissance era (c. 1300-1500). However, each artist had incredibly different styles and utilized different mediums that they would later become known for. Giotto lived and worked in Florence during a period when religious subjects and styles had been laid down by centuries of tradition. As the first artist to depict human emotion, his influence put Western art on a path to…

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